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Arkansas State football season ticket sales have been up seven consecutive years.

Football season tickets remain popular

Arkansas State has enjoyed seven consecutive seasons of increasing season ticket sales.

According to Jason Martin, AState sales for 2016 are on the same pace as last year's record setting sales.

In 2015, the Red Wolves sold 10, 217 season tickets, more than triple the number sold in 2005.

Season tickets a major positive for a football program because those sales provide budget stability and are not subject to last minute sales losses if the weather becomes an issue or there is some other conflict that arises. People with season tickets are more likely to build their personal schedule around games when they have already paid for the tickets.

Year Sales
2015 10217
2014 8571
2013 8418
2012 8092
2011 7042
2010 6180
2009 5840
2008 5481
2007 5633
2006 3431
2005 3210