Fall Camp Day 2 Notes

The heat was turned down (slightly) and the intensity went up

Day 2

Not as hot thanks to some light cloud cover and a pretty nice breeze. 

On the injury front, Jonah Hill was in The Pit today but looked to be moving okay. Murray again was in his red jersey, but I noticed him running better today. Donovan Ransom went down right at the end of practice, though I couldn't tell what happened. He had to be helped off. Jaylon Marshall had a rolled ankle stop what was a pretty nice day for him. JD Houston was over there and I didn't see him kick today. It didn't seem serious but with Williams out, there isn't anyone to PK/KO so they used a Jugs Machine later in practice.

Though it was cooler, that didn't mean that it wasn't tough. It was very humid, and out on the grass guys were struggling as the pace of practice was much better than yesterday. A lot of cramping and few of the OL got sick.

Best news of the day: Armond Weh Weh took the field in an AState helmet for the first time. Though he did have to get acclimated to the way things are done, a few times he was told by coaches and players to finish drills or reps. 

Bad news: We may not see Lanard Bonner and Allen Byrd until the day school starts. Don't know the whole story, but that is what I was able to find out today about it.


  • With Weh Weh in, the offensive backfield that was pretty crowded with talent gets even moreso, but as Trooper likes to say "You're never going to say that you have enough money".
  • The Question on QBs: Hansen had a pretty good day, but in my observation, Voytik had a better one today. 
  • Best day of all came from Texas transfer Kendall Sanders, who Voytik hooked up with four times on deep balls in good coverage. The throws couldn't have been better, the catches were outstanding. After struggling with drops yesterday, Sanders really had a big turnaround.
  • Jaylon Marshall had a couple nice catches and Justin McInnis may be one of the best at catching the ball that's off target. 
  • DJ Pearson had a good Skeleton period, much better than yesterday, however, I would put him 3rd on the list right now. 
  • Voytik is probably faster than any of you think he is.
  • All of the RBs looks explosive, in their own way. One reason that Silky and Wand can be so good in space or in tight spots is that they don't slow down to make cuts.
  • I've bragged on the WRs, but they didn't have a good 1 on 1 period vs the DBs. Coach Paschall really got after them during the break period and even challenged them to see who would actually compete for balls. That led into the performances by Marshall and Sanders.
  • Cameron Echols-Luper had some nice catches away from his body.
  • With Jonah out, Avery Johnson took most of the #3 reps at TE.
  • You can tell that the OL are really leaders on the offensive side, they told the QBs and RBs that they felt the energy early in practice wasn't where it needed to be.
  • Darveon Brown has bumped outside from A-Back. 
  • Quite a bit of screen work today.
  • I talked about Sanders and Voytik, and it seems they really have a good connection, with Voytik going to give Sanders every opportunity to go get the ball.
  • That fits with something that Faulkner has said, that we've got good WRs, let them go up and make a play.


  • Blaise Taylor was not at practice yesterday, but ran with the first team D today, along with Nehemiah Wagner.
  • Energy out of the defensive side of the ball was really good today, they were flying around and really having a good time.
  • During one on ones, you could see the DBs really got after the WRs.
  • Clifton covering CEL, Jeremy Smith had a nice period with a couple nice break ups, even one on McInnis to whom he gives away 6-7 inches. Byner also had a couple nice plays as well as Wagner.
  • Even when they got beat in the Skeleton drill, the DBs were in good position on most of them, so maybe that's good for both sides, and you can't normally say that in a practice when someone scores.
  • Robert Mondie can still move, even if he isn't in playing shape yet.
  • I think we're really going to enjoy the time that Brandon Joiner has put in with the DL. He could be seen today really helping Dee Liner and two plays later, Liner busts up a similarly blocked play. The time he spent in the NFL will really help.
  • I know this isn't something new, but our LBs are FAST. With Wilson coming in, it's really like we have big safeties up there. 
  • They mixed LB/DB groups today to get some continuity between groups. 
  • Up front, Chris Odom seems to be taking on the Bandit role and a leadership spot really well, communicating well with the rest of the line. He got around the QB a few times today and knocked down a couple passes from Hansen. (So he can block more than just kicks).

Special Teams

  • With JD Houston out today, not a ton to report, however, the team did work on KOR, and the list of possible returners is lengthy: (NUMERICAL, not ORDER OF DEPTH CHART)
  • 1 Blaise Taylor
  • 2 Armond Weh Weh
  • 3 Jamal Jones
  • 5 Daryl Rollins-Davis
  • 6 Warren Wand
  • 8 Chauncey Mason
  • 11 Cameron Echols-Luper
  • 14 Chris Murray (was back there, but of course did not return any kicks)
  • 24 Jeremy Smith

Coach Anderson was really pleased with where the practice was from yesterday, and it was really noticeable how much smoother it went. 

Tomorrow they will put on the shoulder pads on for the first time with Monday probably being the first full pad day, if practice starts at 8:50, prepractice starts at 8:30.