Fall Camp Day 3 Notes

Shoulder pads on, work still to do.

First day in anything other than just a helmet.

As far as the weather, it was a little of everything. Started cloudy with a nice breeze, but as the day went along, the clouds left and the sticky heat returned.

On the injury front, Jonah Hill was moving around today, jogging around the field, so his return could come soon. Chris Murray is really easing into practice, though he continues to look better every day. JD Houston was kicking again today. Dijon Paschal was on the field, though he didn't participate in practice and Cam Davis wasn't even out there as both were dealing with issues related to heat illness from yesterday. Donovan Ransom was out there practicing today. 

Good News: it seems that Jamal Fontenot may get cleared later in camp. He was out there today in a helmet and going through non-contact drills, and was really being a good teammate. 


  • I can't speak for where the coaches feel the quarterback battle is so far, but I can tell you that Chad Voytik took reps with the first string line and WRs today for the first time.
  • Hansen struggled with reads, missing a few open receivers and taking a few "sacks". Wasn't his best day. Still had some good moments.
  • In my opinion, after seeing where we were a year ago in the QB department, and not trying to take anything away from Fredi's accomplishments, we're in another place completely from where we were last year at this time.
  • Sticking with QBs, one thing I can say that I see, that I can appreciate from Voytik. He never makes a throw unless it's the way he will throw it in a game. Sometimes you'll see Hansen take some off during walk throughs and other periods. I just believe that's an experience thing. 
  • DJ Pearson ran third a lot today, but had one of his better days today, hitting nice passes to Darveon Brown, Avery Johnson, and Kendrick Edwards
  • In one on ones, there seemed to be a better day for the WRs. 
  • One interesting note that I've seen: Three days of practice, and the team that had the most interceptions in NCAA last year hasn't had one (there have been close calls, but no INTs). Not sure what that means because it could mean that the offense is taking better care of the ball OR that the defense is having more trouble getting the ball.
  • The offensive line had some guys with some minor bumps and bruises throughout the day and held some guys out in the team parts or practice as precautionary measures (Colton Jackson and Jemar Clark most notably). With Fontenot and Davis also out, the result was a lot of reps for young guys and back ups. This is good for experience, not good for the overall production.
  • On a good note, during the blitz period, the OL did get a nice hole pop open for Daryl Rollins-Davis who, if the whistle didn't blow was probably gone for 70 yards. 
  • The timing on our jet motion needs work, but when blocked well, can be effective. 
  • Armond Weh Weh showed himself to be a willing blocker during drills today, now he must learn the protection schemes, but that willingness will give him a chance to play quickly.
  • OL worked on combo blocks working to the second level, while the offense did show a couple different empty backfield looks today. 
  • During the inside run period, Warren Leapheart had a big block on TJ Harris, and the offensive coaches in that group got really fired up.
  • Devin Mondie really challenged the OL to battle through the adversity today.
  • Warren Wand again looked impressive, shaking Trent Ellis in a tight spot today and the freshman looked like a freshman on it. 
  • Coach Faulkner really stressed tempo and pace today.


  • Speaking to another guy who was there, and someone who knows what he is talking about, but he was wowed by the DL depth.
  • I'll reiterate for those who need it, OUR BACK SEVEN CAN RUN. 
  • They mixed and matched the DL today, which was fine, because the depth has allowed that. Carbonell went with the first string at NT, Mondie too, different DEs worked with the first group. 
  • Ben Sukut worked with the first D during the inside drill, and he seems to understand what he's supposed to do, probably going to see some time.
  • The DL really reset the line of scrimmage during the team segments of practice. 
  • Quanterio Heath hit Blake Mack like a semi truck filling the hole during the inside drill.
  • Chris Odom, Jake Swalley, Caleb Caston, Darrius Rosser, William Bradley-King, Dee Liner, Waylon Roberson all had tackles for loss. 
  • Roberson and Liner really gum up basically from B gap to B gap. 
  • One of our biggest acquisitions of the offseason may be Brandon Joiner, his work with the DL may make us even better there.
  • Heath, Wilson, Chambers, and Louis are at the Mike LB
  • Woodson-Luster, Lain, Turnage, and Ellis are at the Will LB
  • Jeremy Smith and Brandon Byner seem to be pushing for first team reps.

Special Teams

  • JD Houston and Sawyer Williams worked at PK with Houston getting the most reps and going 2/3 from 35 yards, while Williams went 1/2.
  • Damon Foncham still struggles with consistent drops but when he hits one it can go.
  • Cameron Echols-Luper may end up being the starting punter, he kicks it hard and has a good leg, so that even when it doesn't look pretty it goes a way. He hit one to end the punt period that was 50-55 in air from LOS.
  • Before practice, the PRs worked on catching: CEL, Blaise, Wand, DRD, Murray, and Bowling.
  • Can you imagine Dee Liner as a Punt Protector? Well it may happen, he's practicing there.

There were about 20-30 people that came by at any time to watch practice, most I can remember from a time outside of a scrimmage coming by. 

Seems that Coach Anderson was not pleased with the practice today, and Coach Rudolph echoed that there is a long way to go before we can get to where we need to be. 

Practice tomorrow morning is again at 8:30ish.