Day 4 Notes

Day 4 notes

Well, since it is Sunday, I'm going to assume that someone prayed for the weather change. It stayed cloudy and cool most of practice with even the occasional spitting rain. This seemed to have a good effect on the players as there was a lot more bounce in the step, especially from the defensive side of the ball.

Jonah Hill remained in the Pit today, Donovan Ransom and Cam Davis were held out again after fluid and heat related issues, Ja'Von Rolland-Jones was out today, though Coach Anderson said it was a management issue and nothing serious. Chris Humes was out today after taking a hit to the knee, though again, nothing serious. Chris Murray continues to get more work in. Jamal Fontenot was able to do more in the Pit today. Marques Gayot is also in Red with no pads.

None of the injuries are serious so no reason to get overly concerned. 

Dijon Paschal was back after getting his fluids right. 


  • We'll start at the obvious place, the QBs and I will say that today was probably the worst day for both the top two, at least in terms of turnovers. The defense got three interceptions though truly only two were the QBs fault.
  • Hansen tried to make a throw into double coverage, while Voytik allowed a ball hang to an open receiver. The third was a ball that should have been caught, but more on that later. 
  • Hansen is still getting the first crack at QB, however, Voytik is starting to get some work with the #1. 
  • The offense had some good moments in the run game as all of the five starters went the entire practice. 
  • Both QBs had success in drawing the defensive line offsides, Voytik twice, Hansen once. 
  • The WRs had a pretty good day in one on ones. 
  • One down note for the day, there were probably 4-5 bad snaps spread across the 1s and 2s. Rudolph was not all
  • Armond Weh Weh is starting to get there. He's a willing blocker and looks good with the ball in his hands.
  • For the most part, it was a much better day from an OL standpoint. (I keep restressing this because it was so much better than yesterday)
  • DJ Pearson continues to look better.


  • Trent Ellis has moved to Nickel. 
  • Dee Liner had another pretty good day. 
  • The pressure from the front four caused the first and second picks of the day, as Hansen and Voytik both got rid of the ball. Sentimore got Hansen and Cody Brown probably got a pick six off of Voytik. 
  • The best moment of the day probably came from the third interception that bounced off the receiver's hands and ended up in the big paws of Waylon Roberson, who followed a convoy down the left sideline. Possibly the entire defense was following him into the end zone.
  • The DL again had a good day, though not as good as yesterday. The DEs got to the QB.
  • William Bradley-King got a sack, as well as Odom and Riggs. There were a few other times when Swalley and Rosser got pressure on the QB from the inside as well. 

Special Teams

  • JD Houston again looked the best in PK, though he hasn't quite gotten back to day 1 form.
  • If you haven't figured out, this staff takes Special Teams pretty seriously. They dedicate 2-4 periods every day to them.
  • Today they worked Punt Return and Kick Off Coverage. This is something they have done every year. Work the fundamentals of the plays, so that when they get in season, they can work on scheme.
  • Interesting note, they added a punt returner today to the guys working on catching: Money Hunter. I guess seeing that he has two 90+ yard interception returns they figure he can run a long way.

Sorry for a short report, but the pace of practice was down a little today, as they seemed to be trying to preserve the guys before the first full-pad practice on Monday.

It seems that they may move into the stadium for practice on Wednesday, while there will be a Scrimmage on August 13 (Saturday) at 8:30 AM. 

I will break down the scrimmage in detail (possibly with stats).