August 10 Arkansas State practice update

Audio and update from August 10

?-- Colton Jackson and freshman Troy Elliott left practice with injuries. “Didn’t seem to be anything serious,” Anderson said. “Just normal stuff.”

?--Backup center Brandon Berg out 3 to 4 week with ankle sprain.

?--Cameron Echols-Luper (neck) and Javon Rolland-Jones out until at least Saturday.

?--First day in pads: “It was a bit chippy,’’ said Anderson. “But we always talk about playing on the  edge a little bit. There is a fine line between one side of it and the other. We used it as a teaching moment and all the guys responded the right way. Guys stepped up and took ownership for it and apologized. And we even talked about it as a staff to make sure we are being great examples and not making it worse by jumping in emotionally and getting involved. It is something that we don't want it to  be who we are during the season and we follow it. We don't want it to be like it was a year ago and to minimize the 15-yard penalties and the outbursts and I thought we didn't a much better job.


?--No separation at Quarterback. “One will have a good day and the next day the other.”

Saturday's scrimmage will likely be first big separation day. “We plan to make both of them a little uncomfortable and see how they respond.”

Anderson said both will work with the first and second units and “We are in no rush. We will go another week or two if we have too.”


?--True freshmen Ben Sukut and Jeremy Smith are getting some work with the first two units on defense.


?-- Running back. Armond Weh Weh had a big day. “He has a good learning curve,’’ Anderson said. If A-State played tomorrow Warren Wand, Johnston White and Weh Weh “would get the bulk of the work with smaller change of pace rolls for Daryl Rollins Davis and Jamal Jones.”

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