First Fall Scrimmage Stats and Breakdown

Defense shows out in first scrimmage

First off, the injury report (as always)

Troy Elliott, Colton Jackson, Brandon Berg, Dijon Paschal, Jonah Hill, Cody Brown, and Chris Murray were all out. Elliott was on two crutches, while it seems Cody Brown has a bruised knee. Most are expected back.

While a few guys went down today, most seemed okay. The exception being Warren Leapheart who seems to have a possible Achilles' injury. Jake Swalley sat for a while, though I believe he got back in before the scrimmage ended.

Good news is that Jamal Fontenot was back out there.


  • You want QB breakdown? Well, with three OL out, it was a little hard to get a read on some of it. The first five pass attempts resulted in three incompletions and a sack, as well as a defensive holding penalty.
  • Both QBs had good moments with their legs and arm.
  • Biggest pass play was busted coverage that let Cameron Echols-Luper run free down the seam. Hansen found him for a 49 yard gain. 
  • Voytik busted off a 28 yard run on a designed keep off the left tackle down the sideline.
  • Many people (even a few on this board have been surprised) learned that Voytik could motor a little bit. (At one point this summer I heard Coach Faulkner say that he was much more athletic than he anticipated).
  • The run game struggled, averaging 1.25 yards per carry (figuring in sacks). 
  • The longest run belonged to Voytik, who was the leading rusher with 41 yards.
  • Blake Mack had two touchdowns, one from each QB, the first from Voytik for 24 yards, the second from Hansen for 12 yards. 
  • If you took out the sacks the offense rushed for 108 yards on 43 carries.


  • Defensively, the line had 8 sacks. Chris Odom had two, while Griffin Riggs, Ja'Von Rolland-Jones, Robert Mondie, Chase Robison, and Donovan Ransom each had one, while there was a team sack on a QB running out of bounds.
  • A lot of young guys got a lot of reps: Trent Ellis, Ben Sukut (both at Nickel), Jeremy Smith (CB), BJ Edmonds (S), William Bradley-King (Bandit). 
  • Chambers got more reps at Mike, while Kyle Wilson, Q Heath, Woodson, Lain, all had good days. 
  • Our LBs can really run, if you didn't know that before. They really shut down the lateral running game. 
  • The interior DL had a good day against the run.
  • Though there was an interception early in the scrimmage it took place on an offsides play, so the only INT came on a tipped screen that LB Antwon Turnage grabbed. 
  • There were some busts in coverage and the DBs did get called for a few holding and pass interference calls, but as a whole, they seemed to be doing well against a talented crew of WRs.

Special Teams

  • Sawyer Williams took all the KOs, and while he hit one poor ball, most were solid kicks, with his best one coming at the end.
  • JD Houston was 1/2 on FG Attempts, hitting from 32 and missing from 40. He also hit his only PAT.
  • Damon Foncham handled all the punts, with six for an average of 36 yards. He also pinned three inside of the 10-yard line.
  • Blaise took first reps on KOR and PR, while CEL took second reps. 


It was a first scrimmage. Very sloppy, with the defense having 8 penalties and the offense having 7. I know that we had a starting OL out, and also meant that our second string OL was down two with the #2 C out the #2 RG moving to the first string with Jackson out, but that the defensive line dominated so much could be a great thing (DL Awesome, OL Okay) or a bad thing (DL Good, OL meh). 

As for the QB battle, if there was was game tomorrow, I have to think that Hansen would take the first snap, mostly based on his time in the offense, however, Voytik has seen his reps with first string increase as he's become more familiar with the offense.

As for the running back position, Armond Weh Weh has a look that no one else has, and you can tell that he has a gear that we haven't gotten to see yet. Wand and White were their normal selves, but with the DL being so strong, the yardage outcome wasn't as much as you'd like to see. Wand and Jamal Jones each had 10-yard scampers, while Weh Weh led the way with 22 yards.

As for the receivers, Echols-Luper led the way with 4 catches for 77 yards, while Mack caught both TDs.

Defensively, I was impressed by the front and linebackers. All of the LBs can run and they really fly to the football.

Again, the young guys stood out, especially Trent Ellis, who had multiple big plays defensively and almost had a pick six. Jeremy Smith had a nice day at CB, holding his own with the outside WRs very well. 

If we had to play Toledo tomorrow, I might be a little less than confident, however, we have a lot of grass to chew before we get there. 



Comp/Att Yards TD/INT

Hansen 13/16 155 1/0

Voytik 12/20 132 1/0

Pearson 2/5 20 0/1


Weh Weh 10/22

Hansen 10/(-19)

Jam. Jones 7/13

Voytik 6/41

Wand 5/14

Rollins-Davis 5/(-2)

White 3/0

Pearson 3/(-8)

Moragne (2/2)


Echols-Luper 4/77

Bayless 3/51

Booker 3/35

Marshall 2/37

Mack 2/36 2 TD

Sanders 2/28

Mason 2/9

A. Johnson 2/6

Jam. Jones 2/(-9)

Leapheart 1/22

Wand 1/8

Rollins-Davis 1/7

Weh Weh 1/5

Moragne 1/0