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Hansen and Voytik battling for the starting job or maybe the co-starting job.

Who will be the #1 QB at AState or are they battling for 1-A and 1-B?

Another week goes by and still the Arkansas State Red Wolves don’t have a starting quarterback.

Or do they.

Right now the Red Wolves, who have their final scrimmage on Saturday, are in a dead heat with graduate transfer Chad Voytik, a transfer from Pittsburg, and redshirt sophomore Justice Hansen, who started his career at Oklahoma but played last season at ….. Community College.

The big question around preseason camp is do the Red Wolves have dual quarterbacks or dueling quarterbacks.

“I just do what the coaches tell me to do to be honest,’’ said Hansen. “ I don't have much say in it. Whatever they roll out there we will do it.”

It’s the same for Voytik, who was a late addition after two returning quarterbacks left the squad for different reasons.

“I'm up for whatever,’’ said Voytik. “I just want to get on the field and show what I can do . Whatever coach decides I trust him and I, down with that.”

Red Wolves coach Blake Anderson and offensive coordinator Buster Faulkner are in no hurry and are not opposed to playing two if it comes to that.

“We may play both of those guys,’’ said Anderson. “That is an option to play them both. They are doing a great job. They work well together. Neither has an ego. I think they both pull for each other to do well. There is not a huge drop off with one of the other is out there. If one does not separate himself ppl better get ready to see them both.

“Buster and I have talked. We have both done it before. We've both spent seasons where we played two guys. I think if the personalities are similar and the dynamic doesn't really change it is not a huge issue. They both look alike in terms of mobility. You don't have one pocket guy and one mobile guy   You don't even have to change a game plan. Which one is in a rhythm , which one is is comfortable. Time will tell us that.”

Faulkner is in his first season as the Red Wolves’ offensive coordinator.

“It’s say it is a pretty close race,’’ he said.

To have a two QB system you need willing participants.

“Number 1 is you have got to have 2 guys who are willing to do it,’’ he said. “If we get to that point that is where it starts. If they are not willing it is something that can't work. I do think both of those guys are high character kids. They will handle any situation.  Whether they are first string, second string, play both or we  play one. Because that is the kind of people they are.

“Right now I’m in no hurry because it is a race, a competition and they are both doing really well. So it is not like we are waiting for one to fall off. They are continuing to get better. Hopefully that is what happens. I want both to be good and then let us make the tough decision.”

Faulkner said they would continue to get equal repetitions in practice and Saturday’s scrimmage.

“We are in no hurry.  We will continue to make sure they are both ready to play. You always have to have two guys ready to play anyway.”

Anderson and Faulkner agreed the duo played well in the first scrimmage.

“We wanted to put them in tough situations, especially the quarterbacks,’’ said Faulkner.