8/23 Practice Report

First practice with school back in session

A relatively short practice, good breeze, not that warm.

The good news: Devin Mondie returned to practice, Brandon Berg also was back though in non-contact situations. Troy Elliott back out in full pads. Cody Brown full go as well. 

The more good news: OL Lanard Bonner made it to campus today. The big tackle from Highland Community College wasn't dressed out, but he walked around with the OL all day soaking up the practice. Later in the practice, another large human being (Tyrell Reed possibly?) made his way onto the practice field. Also in street clothes. Both newcomers will have to go through a period of acclimatization by NCAA rule.

The team began to look at Toledo today. Both the defense and offense spent periods looking at formations and plays out of such formations.


  • Warning: This is pure speculation on my part because it hasn't been announced fully, but Chad Voytik took every snap with the first unit today. Even in walk throughs. This could mean nothing and Hansen could take every snap tomorrow, but it seems that for one day at least, we may have a starting QB.
  • Most interesting thing about that? Well, first team period, Voytik lined up in the backfield, and Hansen lined up at WR...
  • With the OL mostly settled, the group looked better today. I believe that the scrimmage's format really hindered everyone.
  • All of the three top bats got reps with the first teamers, as White, Wand, and Weh Weh all looked okay today. Rollins-Davis and Logan Moragne both got some touches with the second unit.
  • Voytik looked good on all except a couple of plays today. The first was a pick by Quanterio Heath, the other a missed receiver in the red zone. Otherwise he carries himself with a confidence that seems to carry throughout the offense.
  • Hansen had a some nice moments today, however, he threw a ball right into the chest of Money Hunter, and threw two more that should have been intercepted. 
  • Omar Bayless and Cameron Echols-Luper had good days receiving and Justin McInnis had some nice grabs.
  • Chris Murray is back at full go. He made a couple nice catches.
  • The first offense had a good blitz period, as Voytik was 3 for 3 and had a nice run as well.
  • The first offense also won the 2-minute drill period, moving the ball enough to set up a JD Houston 42-yard field goal when a field goal was considered a win.


  • Chris Humes was still at CB and was there all day, however, Xavier Woodson-Luster was back at the Will position.
  • Tajhea Chambers is working at both linebacker positions. 
  • Trent Ellis is an explosive player and looks to have the inside position to back up Justin Clifton. 
  • The S/NB position was one that got a little heat early as Trooper had them doing up-downs. 
  • One of the bad parts of practice came after an offsides penalty on Blaise at CB. Trooper was fired up for about 30 minutes afterwards.
  • Humes also had a pick in one-on-ones, as he ran with Kendall Sanders and got Hansen.
  • The DL is going to be stout.
  • Humes had a nice day at CB for the most part. A few other guys had nice coverage on some catches.

Special Teams

  • The team looked at receiving all different types of kicks: Onside, pop up, line drive, short. 
  • Punt team worked on punting when backed up. Foncham hit one of four good. JD Houston hit a short one and CEL was 1 for 2 in good punts.
  • Foncham issue is always going to be his drop. If he rushes it, odds are good that we'll see a 20 yarder. If he gets a good drop, 40 is easy.
  • On FGs today, Houston was 2/3 from 37 and hit the 42 yarder at the end of practice (best ball he's kicked all Fall). Sawyer Williams was 2/2 from 37.

It was a really loose atmosphere today, for example:

  • At one point, Bo Sentimore grabbed Coach Anderson's bullhorn and started to do an impression. It got a good reaction, after he got back to the defensive sideline, Trooper asked to see his license....
  • Cody Brown was talking to Coach Anderson, which led to Coach Anderson getting on the bullhorn and saying "Cody, you're going bald."
  • All the coaches seemed a bit feisty today.
  • Antwon Turnage took the hit of the day, but it wasn't during a play. As he ran off the field, he turned his head and ran headlong into Waylon Roberson...who didn't budge. Turnage on the other hand, went flying like he'd been hit by a train. 

Coach Anderson addressed that the energy level of the practice wasn't where he wanted it, but attributed it to the first day of practice while class is in session. 

The team will practice again tomorrow at 4:30 inside the stadium.