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Quotes from Blake Anderson

Comments from Blake Anderson

Playing on Friday: “There's been a lot of talk about playing on Friday. We’ve got a chance to be in front of a lot of eyes who don't normally get to see up play. We are playing a good Toledo team; I dont know if you can write a better script much better than that.”

Sunday practice: “Probably our best of camp. We will do some cleanup work the next couple of days. We are ready to go Friday and find out what type of team we are going to have.”

Offensive line: “The returning guys are getting back in rhythm. We were never the same without them. The last five days have been good. Jemar Clark has looked good.; we got Devin Mondie back. And we got Brandon Berg back and he should be ready to go by Friday.

“We just need to stay healthy.”

Playing Toledo: We have just killed ourselves both times with turnovers. With Fredi out, we had to throw James Tabary in the mix and we had five turnovers. You don't beat a bad team with 5 turnovers and you  certainly don’t beat a good one.

Quarterbacks: We are going to play both.

They  don't turn the ball over in practice. Very few times. I’d like to see the completion percentage go up. Connect the dots but they are not careless with the football.

That is one reason we have felt confident either can play. The offense doesn't have to change regardless if Chad or Justice is on the field.

Chad will take the first snaps and Justin will follow pretty quickly. Buster Faulkner has four or five plays for each one to start out with but after that it is football.

They are both going to play. If Chad goes 10 for 10 Justice is still going to play.

Anderson said when he used two QBs his last season at North Carolina they players had different strengths. There are no plans to change QBs mid-series and “one mistake will not lose or win the job. They are going to make mistakes and we want them to play through them.”

He also said they want both QBs to be ready to play at any time. We don’t want to get into Week 5 against Georgia Southern and one of them has not stepped on the field.

The defense: I love to see our defense up against anyone right now. They are playing with a lot of confidence and they have a lot of depth. It is good to get another year out of Robert Mondie, and to have Bo Sentimore, Tajhea Chamber, Justin Clifton back from injuries. I’m excited about what they can do.

Toledo: There is some unknown and we have done our homework best we can. You have a head coach who was a defensive coordinator so you think there won't be as much change there. The offensive coordinator was at FAU so we have studied what he did there where they mirror more of what we do.

“Their offensive line is big and long. They are 6-5, 6-6 across the front and 300 pounds on the inside. We saw the quarterback in the bowl game and he was 21 of 27 against us. We were told they might use two quarterbacks. They have another guy who is a change of pace guy who is dynamic.

Running backs: We plan on traveling five and we might use all five. You have Warren Wand, Silky and Weh Weh who bring it every day. But we like Logan Morange and Daryl Rollins-Davis. Logan is on every special team.”

Kareem Hunt: He is one of the best we will see. I tried to talk him to going pro after we played two years ago and I tried again last year but he didn’t listen to me. He does not have that burst but he is so good at change of direction. He does a good job blocking. He’s an all-around back. I think he’s an NFL prospect.

Toledo: They are one of the best G5s in the country. Probably in the top 10.