What Arkansas State has to do to defeat Auburn

What the Red Wolves have to do to win at Auburn

The keys for AState to defeat Auburn.

Move. The. Chains. The Red Wolves struggled to get first downs Friday with five three and outs. Last year Jacksonville State pushed Auburn to OT. Having a first down on every drive until late in the fourth quarter helped.

Find a pass rush. AState did OK containing the run last week. We already know Gus loves to play between the tackles but play action is coming at you to help the run game and yeah there is film of the Toledo game. There has to be penetration into the backfield to create disruption.

Explosive plays. AState managed two plays of 20 or more yards Friday. The basic idea of spread offenses is to get the ball to playmakers in space. AState struggled to do that. Part of it was just not getting the ball to them; part was failing to create space with good blocking.

Keep the score low. The lower the score of the team that is ahead, the greater the impact a big run, reception, or return can have. A turnover can have a bigger impact and you need fewer big plays to be in position to win.