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Monday Arkansas State football notebook

Monday football notebook.

Going forward, Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson said redshirt sophomore Justice Hansen is the Red Wolves’ starting quarterback.

Anderson made the announcement first on the weekly Sun Belt Conference media call and reinforced it at the weekly media conference.

“This move is not temporary,’’ said Anderson. “He will be the starter and he was last night. When we made the move in the game the other day did not know it if was a temporary move or a permanent move. This has been unlike any other QB situation I have been through. Chad not being able to go through spring and Justice coming out of spring and not still having full grasp of what we are trying to do and the inability to put those guys through situations in fall camp that were stressful and high intensity  enough to truly find what their true nature was going to be. What we able to find out in the fourth quarter against Auburn was Justice was going to be able to stay calm under pressure and he is really starting to get a grasp of what we are doing. And you saw in the second half that he is just further along than Chad.

It was a lot to ask of Chad Voytik with no spring football to come in and learn what we do and at the tempo that we do it and in the environment that we put him in 3 weeks in a row and expect that he would successful. That is what we expected but also a lot to ask.

To his credit when we made the change the other day he was a great No. 2 on the sideline.

Hansen was inserted in the second half and finished 18 of 26 for 277 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

“The move has been made but I still think we will see Chad Voytik at some point during the  season whether it be in a limited role, package where he is really good at running the ball or maybe some sub packages.

“We are going to turn the reins over the Justice and see how far he can take us.”

Anderson said Hansen gives the Red Wolves a quarterback who can still run and can make all the throws and allow the team to take advantage of the speed at wide receiver. “He throws the ball vertically better than anyone on the roster.”

He said the team can now spread the field vertically and horizontally.

“He’s naturally very very calm. This drive me crazy during the week. He's almost too calm in practice. It is one of the reasons we had trouble moving him into number 1 role in the beginning. “He is just so laid back, so calm you struggle to see if he is really engaged. What we found out is his personality is different and we were not used to that.

“He's a gamer. When the lights come on the guy loves to compete.

-- Anderson added that part of the offensive struggles were a new quarterback, new receiving corp, new offensive coordinator and new offensive line coach.

--At running back, Warren Wand is the starter and will get most of the work. He said a hindrance to the running back has been too many long-yardage situations.

--Anderson said Kendall Sanders, who was not allowed to go through spring practice, played his best game and Chris Murray “who is probably our best player now) and Dijon Paschal all played well at receiver.

--The  coach said he spent video of 17 uncalled penalties to the Big West office. The Red Wolves were called for 8 motion penalties in part because Utah State was shifting and mimicking the Red Wolves’ signals at the same time. As far as the personal foul calls he said it was both ways. “It was a very chippy game. I don’t know why it was because we don’t play them that often.” He added those issues have been addressed.

--The offensive line was cited or its pass protection vs. Utah State and said the unit also played well vs. Auburn,.allowing just two sacks.

--Waylon Roberson is playing like he is possessed. Defensive coordinator Joe Cauthen added “he is a monster in there. Nobody wants to block him. He can’t be blocked.”

-- Injury update:  Chris Humes (shoulder) should be ready to go; Griffin Riggs (groin) -- day to day; Omar Bayless  (muscle) - should be back; Robert Mondie (ankle) -- he could have gone but we held him out; Jake Swalley -- played well with no problems; Johnston White (groin). Seemed to be OK; Chris Booker (ankle) --  Getting better. Day to day. Hurt in practice.