Coach Anderson on Arkansas State's redshirting players

Coach Anderson's thoughts on AState's redshirts.

At the midway point of the season, Arkansas State has played four true freshmen. Defensive back Trent Ellis and guard Troy Elliott have started games and cornerback Jeremy Smith and safety BJ Edmonds have seen playing time.

Here are coach Blake Anderson’s thoughts on some of the guys sitting out this season.

Defensive back Ben Sukut

He’s good. Getting bigger. Good possibility we might move him closer to the ball. He might wind up a will linebacker. Played mainly offense in high school and he needed to get used to the changes.

Offensive tackle Lanard Bonner (junior)

“He’s got a chance to be really good. We signed him with 3 years and 2 to play so we had the redshirt. He looks like what you want in a left tackle and has a good chance to step in there next year. He has a lot of skills and he works hard. He’s athletic and big.

Defensive end Dajon Emory (junior)

We had the luxury of redshirting because of Chris and Rosser. This gives us two years to work with. He did not have a good offseason program in junior college. We are trying to get him in shape and stronger. He needs a great offseason. He works hard. He just needs time.

Defensive end William Bradley-King

He has a chance to be a very good football player. Very physical, explosive. He works really hard. He has a chance to be very good.”

Center Jacob Still

He’s a hard worker. He comes from a football family and has a real good work ethic. We need to put some weight on him and let him get stronger. He is still developing. He has all the tools.

Offensive lineman Alex Novak (junior)

He’s getting better. He is getting in a position where he might could help us this year as a backup if needed. He was hurt some early but he’s playing better.”

Quarterback Logan Bonner

He has a chance to be a really good player. He has some work to do on his body. He can make all the throws. He has the quickest release of all our quarterbacks. It is going to be fun in the spring to see the quarterback battle between he and Justice (Hansen).

(There is a possibility the redshirt could be taken off should Hansen and Chad Voytik suffer injuries. The other possibility at QB is Jonesboro redshirt freshman Carson Coats.)

OL Jacob Atnip and Klint Harvey (Jr.)

“Harvey has done a good job. He is just a big human being (6-foot-6, 330 pounds). Jacob Atnip (6-5, 325) is the same way. They are big guys and that is a big difference for us. They are both raw and we need to work on their speed and strength. Both have a frame that we like.

Tight end Javonis Isaac

He’s very athletic and he will put his face on you. Has good hands. This is a dramatic system change for him. We have him more in space than what he is used to. He is raw but has speed. He needs some frame work.

Brandon Bowling

He is going to be a great utility player. He may play inside or outside. Really catches the ball well. And he is a lot faster than you think. Could also contributed in the return game. He is a good smart route runner. He will help the football team.

Kendrick Edwards (Jr.)

He has a chance to be very, very hard to defend. He is a unique player. Has a tremendous wingspan  and he can elevate. And if as ball in his catch radius he does not drop it. He has strong hands. He is a very unique player. Needs some speed work. He can play either inside or outside. Inside he can cause problems for a safety.