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First look at Arkansas State opponent Georgia State

Looking at AState's next opponent Georgia State

The Red Wolves travel to Atlanta to play Georgia State Thursday night.

AState will be looking to get to .500 on the season and knock the Panthers out of bowl contention. The Red Wolves will try to extend their conference winning streak to 13 games.

Georgia State is in the top half of the country in total defense, #23 in yards per play given up. They are 11th in the nation in yards given up per pass attempt.

They are 16th in the nation in red zone scoring defense.

The Panthers have held four FBS teams under 24 points.

The downside? They lost three of those game.

Only two teams have produced fewer yards per game. They are 107th in yards per passing attempt and 105th in pass completion percentage. Doesn’t get better on the ground, they are 108th in yard per rushing attempt.

Other than a 41 point output against Texas State, Georgia State hasn’t scored more than 21 on any FBS opponent.

The bright spot for the Georgia State offense is scoring 93.9% of the time in the red zone, 8th best in the nation.

AState has moved up to 89th in total offense and 77th in total defense.

The game will be telecast on ESPNU.