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Arkansas State will soon negotiate new contracts for football assistants.

Red Wolves will soon negotiate new contracts for the football staff.

The off-season will soon see a busy time for AState head coach Blake Anderson and Director of Athletics Terry Mohajir with a project that most fans won’t notice.

It will soon be time to deal with assistant coach contracts.

Seven members of the football staff have contracts expiring soon. All members of the football staff except Coach Anderson, Joe Cauthen, Buster Faulkner, Kyle Cefalo and Matt Shadeed have contracts that are set to expire on June 1. Cefalo’s contract is for no set term and is an “at will” contract.

As previously reported by Jeff Reed, the contract for Blake Anderson has already been extended this year.

Last year contracts were updated around March 15 so it is likely the new contracts will be done around that time again.

Total compensation guaranteed by AState for the football staff including strength and conditioning coach Matt Shadeed and director of football operations Jason Andrews but not counting bonuses, outside income and compensation for graduate assistants currently is $2,145,000.

The NCAA is expected to authorize a 10th on-field in April. With the additional position, AState’s football staff salaries should exceed $2.2 million for the upcoming season.

Coach Salary Expiration
Blake Anderson 750,000 1/31/21
Joe Cauthen 210,000 6/1/18
Buster Faulkner 210,000 6/1/18
Allen Rudolph 150,000 6/1/17
Trooper Taylor 140,000 6/1/17
Luke Paschall 120,000 6/1/17
Allen Johnson 110,000 6/1/17
Brian Early 110,000 6/1/17
Norval McKenzie 100,000 6/1/17
Matthew Shadeed 105,000 6/1/18
Kyle Cefalo 70,000 At Will
Jason Andrews 70,000 6/1/17
Total 2,145,000

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