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Should the Arkansas State Red Wolves pursue a bid to post-season.

Should the Red Wolves pursue a post-season bid?

We know two things for certain about men’s basketball post-season this year. AState will not be in the NCAA Tournament and will not make the NIT either.

Whether AState will pursue one of the other post-season events is currently unknown.

AState AD Terry Mohajir has never been a big fan of the CBI and CIT when asked.

What should AState do?

Well I didn’t grow up in the shadow of blue blood hoops program Kansas nor work for Kansas like Mohajir so I am probably more likely to view those events as potentially being a positive opportunity.

I don’t think you accept the alternate events just because they offer. There are circumstances where they don’t make a lot of sense.

If you have a senior laden team, it doesn’t make sense unless you really think you have a strong shot to win it all. Paying for more practice and team time for players who are leaving just doesn’t make sense.

In AState’s current situation it won’t be an easy decision.

On the go side of the score sheet, AState has a first year head coach and trying to re-establish a positive winning culture around the program. This is the first squad to ever post 20 wins before the conference tournament and that is a body of work that deserves a reward.

On the call it a season side of the score sheet, half of AState’s 12 losses have come in the past 8 games.  Unlike bowl games where post-season means a minimum of two more weeks of work, playing the CBI or CIT could put the Red Wolves back in action as soon as Tuesday. AState averaged nearly 72 points per game in league play but hit that total or above only three times in the last 8 games, and gave up an average of about 69 points in league play but held only three teams below that in the last 8. The final eight games don’t offer a lot of positive to believe the Red Wolves are ready to make a run in post-season.

As happy as I am with the turnaround this season, the Red Wolves at one point were 18-6 and finished 20-12. I’d like a shot at post-season as a reward but dropping six of the final eight? Probably best to put this one in the record book and work toward next season.

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