Arkansas State AD Terry Mohajir on the basketball coaching vacancy

Terry Mohajir's basketball press conference

Notes and tidbits from Terry Mohajir press conference today about the departure of Grant McCasland to North Texas:

--Found out on Friday it was a real possibility but had been hearing rumors the last four weeks. Mohajir said he had no knowledge of discussions with other schools.

--North Texas asked permission to speak with McCasland on Friday.

--A-State recently offered a new contract with a $50,000 raise to $400K and a rollover, which included a new fifth year. “We always plan to be proactive.”

--McCasland said family was main reason he was leaving although pay is “significantly higher.” He added: “I was surprised at what they offered.”

--He always knew there was a possibility of a coaching change and not that surprised, except at the money they are offering.

--He and McCasland had multiple conversations over the weekend. And still spoke Monday afternoon.

--They were speaking in Terry’s office when it broke nationally on Twitter. “Grant called the guy and said it was not a done deal, but it really was a done deal.”

--No one on the current staff has approached him about the job.

--We will have a lot of really good candidates. Some of the candidates a year ago could be back in the mix if they are interested.”

--My voicemail is already full.

--McCasland told him he thought A-State was a top 3 job in the Sun Belt and a better job than North Texas.

--He has spoken with the current players and he has reached out to the signees. (Commit Roosevelt Smart has tweeted he is opening his recruiting again.)

--I’ll never know how long they have been talking. The AD at North Texas and Grant’s agent are lifelong friends.

--Doesn’t want a coach who wants to just be a head coach. Personally I want to shoot higher; We need to be in the NCAA tournament.

--A-State has been to the NCAA one time in 89 years.

--Mohajir said he has a profile for prospects but will not share that, citing a competitive advantage.

--Last year the coaching search took longer in part because there was more time. “I think once we started interviewing it was about 3.5 weeks.”

--The search committee will consist of Mohajir, assistant AD Rich Zvosec and system president Dr. Chuck Welch.

--Asked if assistant Ross Hodge was a candidate. “I’m interested in anyone who really wants to be our basketball coach.”

--No feedback yet from players on who they would like as a coach.

--McCasland’s buyout is 500K and that is what was offered in negotiation. Sees no real need to go higher.

--North Texas has 20 business days to pay buyout.

--Winning 20 games is good but not as big as it once was because they play so many games.