NCAA changes to camps, signing day, and recruiting move closer to approval

Changes to NCAA rules regarding camps, practice, and recruiting move closer to final approval

One final vote remains but it appears that satellite camps are dead.

The NCAA Division I Council rejected ideas to permit coaches to participate in a limited number of satellite camps during a few weeks in the summer. The Board of Governors will take the final vote to approve a number of changes on April 26.

The time period for camps would also change, arguably not for the better. Instead of camps being permitted during two 15 day periods in June and July, camps would be limited to one day period in June and July. This will reduce the number of camps prospects may attend. Camps may only be held at the school’s practice site or home game site.

All coaches employed at a camp would be permitted to engage in recruiting conversations during the camp. This would permit GA’s and quality control coaches participating in camps to engage in recruiting but only during the camp. Educational sessions on initial eligibility standards, gambling rules, agent rules and drug regulations will required of any of these camp coaches.

The Division I Council also approved an early signing period for football. Players would be able to sign binding letters of intent during a three-day period starting on the third Wednesday in December, the date signing of junior college players begins. The traditional signing period starting on the first Wednesday in February will remain.

The change to signing periods requires not only approval by the Board of Governors but also approval by the Collegiate Commissioner’s Association, that group will meet in June.

FBS programs will be able to hire a 10th coach starting January 9, 2018 if the Board approves that change.

If an FBS program hires a person to a position other than an on-field coaching position, the program will not be able to sign any student-athlete who has a close relationship with the person for two years and if the school has signed a student-athlete the person has a close relationship with, that person cannot be hired until more than two years has passed since the athlete signed. This ends the practice of hiring a high school coach as a quality control coach, director of football operations, or similar positions that are not permitted to perform on-field coaching to try to sign a player from the coach’s school.

High school juniors would be permitted to take official visits starting in April of their junior year and take visits until June. Official visits cannot be taken as part of camps or clinics.

Two-a-day practices will also be banned under the package of changes being sent to the Board. This fits in with a decision by another NCAA committee to permit Fall camp to open a week earlier. The total number of practice session in pre-season will remain capped at 29.

Over-signing would also be banned. Only 25 prospects may sign a letter of intent or financial aid package each year.

Graduate students playing football now will be required to complete at least six hours each semester that apply toward their graduate degree.