Red Wolf Foundation revenue continues to climb

Tracking RWF revenue.

Since the 2001-02 fiscal year we have tracked Indian Club, Red Wolf Club, Red Wolf Foundation revenue. From 2001 to 2008 revenues were relatively static, climbing in the 2009-10 fiscal year then dipping a bit before starting the current upward trend.

The 2012-13 fiscal year saw Gus Malzahn's season as head coach and the hiring of Bryan Harsin and change at athletic director as Terry Mohajir replaced Dean Lee. It was also the first year for booster club revenue to exceed $3 million. The next year Harsin left and was replaced by Blake Anderson and was the first full year with Mohajir as AD, revenue went over $5 million.

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2014-15 ended a string of three years of receiving buyouts for coaches but revenue still increased by about $1 million.

The most current year's data available is for 2015-16. AState opened the Johnny Allison tower at Centennial Bank Stadium with new premium seating and hosted SEC member Mizzou. RWF revenue rose to $7.5 million. The new seating presumably played a significant role in the increase.

Membership dues and contributions totaled just shy of $3.1 million in 2015-16 and other revenue and income was just over $4.4 million. The other revenue and income according to AState Athletic Director Terry Mohajir is a variety items such as multimedia rights, apparel contracts, merchandise licensing, sponsorships, premium seating and such. This category will likely increase more in future reports with AState's contract with Learfield which will produce on average $1.6 million per year and the new contract with Adidas.

The planned North End Zone Complex will create more premium seating revenue opportunities.

Here are the yearly totals. The year is the first year of the fiscal year, for example 2012-13 is listed as 2012. Revenue includes all sources of revenue for the RWF.

Year Revenue
2002 $1,520,699
2003 $1,822,344
2004 $1,517,000
2005 $1,561,806
2006 $1,348,602
2007 $1,583,110
2008 $1,572,927
2009 $2,435,279
2010 $2,183,311
2011 $2,657,240
2012 $3,288,308
2013 $5,543,925
2014 $6,596,583
2015 $7,500,866

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