Playoff revenue for the Group of Five conferences

CFP Revenue distribution to the Group of 5

The NCAA has released the financial data reported by the College Football Playoff for the 2016-17 bowl season.

The Sun Belt finished fourth in revenue. The MAC finished first because Western Michigan made the Cotton Bowl. Without that $6 million payout the Sun Belt would have been third and the MAC fourth. Conference USA finished last.

Average is based on the total payout divided by the number of football members, actual revenue sharing will vary by conference.

Independents other than Notre Dame each received $310,469

Mid-American Conference $21,522,280 per school average $1,793,523

American Athletic Conference $20,301,176 per school average $1,691,765

Mountain West Conference $18,708,211 per school average $1,559,018

Sun Belt Conference $17,115,246 per school average $1,555,931

Conference USA $13,929,315 per school average $1,071,486

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Conference USA




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Conference USA



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