Rise And Ball

University of Arkansas senior cornerback Ramon Broadway knows that the Razorback defenders must forget about last weekend's train wreck at Auburn and "Rise and Ball" in this weekend's game with Ole Miss.

As one of the University of Arkansas's defensive leaders, senior cornerback Ramon Broadway took last week's loss to Auburn very hard.

You can't just give up 65 points – albeit the offense and special teams contributed to that – and walk away feeling good.

"We took that personal," Broadway said. "It was a hard loss to get over. But the only way you can make people forget about that is to go out and do something about it."

The Razorback defense can do something about it – or rip the rear view mirror off as is this week's catch phrase - and concentrate on a next challenge that happens to be this Saturday's match-up with visiting Ole Miss (3-3, 1-2).

"The thing we have to do is rise and ball," Broadway said. "The thing we have to do is go out and get our confidence back. One way to get our confidence back is go and show that we are the defense we were a few weeks ago and we are not the defense that people saw last week."

Indeed No. 21 Arkansas (4-2, 1-2) was ranked third in the conference in total defense and in the top 20 nationally before last week's poor outing.

Those rankings dropped to 5th in the league and 32nd nationally in the country after the loss at Auburn.

It should be noted that a 99-yard kickoff return, a blocked punt, two interceptions deep into Razorback territory and a fumble returned for a touchdown all went into Auburn's point production.

"Every area can take some blame, but you have to take it on yourself as a individual and on yourself as a defense to take care of your business," Broadway said. "It's not about pointing fingers unless you are pointing them at yourself and standing up and being accountable for your actions."

Broadway knows that the Razorback defense has been teed up and teed off on this week by its own fans and the local and national media.

He thinks those same people seem to forget the UA defense was a major factor in earlier wins when the offense and/or special teams had struggled.

"Everybody has to forget the critics and forget about what happened last week," Broadway said. "We definitely have to go out there put on a light's out performance and ball out and show the world that wasn't the team that you saw a few weeks ago when the season opened and how we held the rope for this offense and how we held the rope for the special teams."

Broadway saw something very strange while watching tape this week and puts that on himself.

"The biggest thing that you saw was that guys' enthusiasm was down and I put that on me a lot of the time because I am the guy who gets this team going even when it is hard," Broadway said. "It was a tough game and those guys were really good. It was a physical game and you have to play for four quarters."

Broadway has always been a guy who holds himself accountable for his mistakes.

"I could have done a lot of things better, but the thing is I didn't," Broadway said. "I learn from my mistakes and that is about me maturing. I'm not going to take anything from those guys because they were really good, but we just didn't come to play Razorback football."

Broadway expects there to be plenty of enthusiasm and the return of playing Razorback football as former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt brings Ole Miss in for the contest.

Nutt has won both games with current Razorback head coach Bobby Petrino since the program changed hands.

"We are going to do this one for the state," Broadway said. "We are going to do this one for Coach P. We are going to do this one for ourselves. We definitely have to get this win. It has been a while since we beat them. The thing is you definitely have got to get this done for the state of Arkansas."

Broadway knows that Nutt is a master motivator for big games and suspects he will have his team fired up for this game.

But he says that his team will also be ready.

"Those guys are going to come into Arkansas and be ready to play," Broadway said. "What they don't know is that we are not that team they just watched on film."

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