Blowing Up

After his big day in Arkansas' 31-23 win over LSU, Razorback sophomore wide receiver Cobi Hamilton got a lot of attention from friends old and new.

After his two big plays in Arkansas' win over LSU, Razorback sophomore wide receiver Cobi Hamilton's phone and his facebook site both blew up.

"It was pretty wild," Hamilton said. "I had over 100 text messages and like 200 or 300 friend requests on facebook. It was pretty ridiculous."

That's what happens when you catch 3 passes for 165 yards, including spectacular scoring plays of 86 and 80 yards – the latter coming as time ran out in the first half.

His big plays were key in the 31-23 win over then No. 5 LSU that vaulted No. 8 Arkansas (10-2) into its first BCS Bowl – a Sugar Bowl berth with No. 6 Ohio State (11-1).

"I think it helped us a lot and sent the seniors out well," Hamilton said. "I think it also gave us a lot of momentum going into the Ohio State game and knowing we are one of the top teams in the country and we can play with anybody. We are just preparing for Ohio State and ready to go."

Now that all that fervor has died down, it's back to practice and getting ready for the challenge the Buckeyes present.

"Practice is going good and we are practicing with a lot of confidence, practicing fast, have a swagger about us that we can play anybody in the country," Hamilton said. "We are expecting to go down to New Orleans with that same swagger and confidence."

The receiving core certainly has confidence as does all of the Razorbacks' offensive weapons according to Hamilton, who had 31 catches for 609 yards and 6 touchdowns and took over the big-play role for injured junior Greg Childs.

"We had five receivers over 600 yards, a 1,000 yard rusher, a 4,000-yard passer," Hamilton said recalling something Razorback offensive coordinator Garrick McGee had passed along. "I guess not too many people can say that except for us. We got better as the year went on."

The Razorbacks practiced in chilly and windy conditions on Monday.

"It was different," Hamilton said. "I came into the locker room and saw everybody had leggings on so I knew it was going to be a cold day."

It has become a fashion trend – instead of wearing normal football pants - at Arkansas started by quarterback Ryan Mallett.

"I think Mallett started it and we figured if the quarterback can do it, the wide receivers can do it," Hamilton said. "The receivers started doing it and then D.J. started doing it and then it just started a trend. He (Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino) really didn't think too much about it and it just allows us to practice faster."

Arkansas is in a stretch of four straight practice days before breaking for Christmas and reporting to New Orleans on Dec. 29.

"Tomorrow is when we are really going to start game-planning for Ohio State," Hamilton said. "Everything is going pretty well."

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