Arkansas Lands Peacock

Arkansas adds a top-notch offensive lineman as Glendora (CA) Citrus College standout Jason Peacock (6-5, 325) decides Thursday to make a pre-Christmas commitment to the Razorbacks.

The Razorbacks' recruiting momentum just keeps on building.

Glendora (CA) Citrus College offensive lineman Jason Peacock (6-5, 325) decided Thursday to add his name to the list of Arkansas' 2011 commitments.

He chose the Razorbacks over Mississippi State, Arizona, Houston and Texas Tech and becomes the school's 26th commit of the recruiting class.

"Me and my parents have sat down and talked about it and we weighed out the pros and cons and the different things about different schools," Peacock said on statewide radio in Arkansas. "Everybody in this recruiting process has been great working with me and working with my mom, but it's just at the end of the day, it is where you fit in, where you can see yourself fitting in, not just for football, but in the classroom and having chemistry with the coaches and the players.

"...I have decided to commit and sign with Arkansas."

Peacock joins Springdale Har-Ber's Brey Cook (6-7, 310), Springdale's Mitch Smothers (6-4, 295) and Bentonville's Marcus Danenhauer (6-6, 318) to form a talented group of offensive lineman that the Razorbacks will be adding into the mix.

He admitted it was hard to tell the other four programs no.

"I am not a person that can just easily say no," Peacock said. "I get that from my mom. I can't help it. I feel like it is doing someone wrong by saying no.

"But the thing that happened with this is that I sat down with mom, sat down with my dad and we discussed it and it was just the chemistry they had talking with the coaches and the chemistry I had talking with the players and coaches on my visit," Peacock added. "It just seems like the right thing to do. It just seems like a perfect fit."

Peacock, who played his high school football at Milledgeville (GA) Baldwin, took his official visit to Arkansas on Dec. 10-12 when his host was Razorback freshman All-American Alvin Bailey.

"I felt a chemistry with him that I didn't feel at the other schools," Peacock said. "I also got a chance to talk to the quarterback (Ryan) Mallett and he was just a real cool guy and real down to earth. Just the whole team in general (was). I also know they have a lot of Georgia guys, a lot of Southern guys so I fit in there as well."

Arkansas offensive line coach Chris Klenakis was also a big factor for Peacock, who was stunned he and Razorback head coach Bobby Petrino flew to see him at his junior college.

"Coach K is a real cool guy and I actually got to see him in action in practice," Peacock said. "Just the feedback the players were giving me and what I saw, I couldn't help but see he is the real deal. Recruiting wise, he calls my mom and my mom says he is a funny guy, just the way he talks. You can tell he is serious, but at the same time he has a funny way of talking. She was hyped about getting calls from him."

Peacock also talked about his one-on-one talk with Petrino.

"You can tell he is about business," Peacock said. "When we talked he actually emphasized the word win - being a winner on the field, off the field and in life. Just by talking to him, he has been around a lot of football. He knows what it takes to get there. It seems like he is the type that will push you to the point you need to be at to excel not only in football, but in life."

The player also got to hear a speech from Petrino to his team that talked about how important each facet of a football team was to the other.

"In the meeting room they have like a big rope that connects the defense to the offense to special teams," Peacock said. "He went in there talking about how in order for us to win, it takes all three parts. If not, it will take the other end to pick up the other person's slack. He went on talking about some games where the defense didn't do their part, but the offense and special teams stood out and when the offense wasn't clicking the defense and the special teams stood out."

Being a junior college prospect with two years of eligibility left, Peacock is intent on coming in and playing early - especially with the Razorbacks' losing All-SEC offensive tackle DeMarcus Love and fellow senior starter Ray Dominguez.

"To be honest, whether I was coming out of high school or juco, my mindset is to win and compete," Peacock said. "I really can't see myself sitting on the bench no matter where I go. I am not asking for a starting position. I will earn my starting position. I will play. I will start."

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