Recruits React to Pelphrey's Ouster

Reaction from Arkansas' highly-regarded recruiting class, who now have their own decisions to make since the Razorback administration has made its to fire head coach John Pelphrey.

Now that Arkansas head basketball coach John Pelphrey has been let go, his star-studded recruiting class has their own decisions to make. ranked the group – Hunter Mickelson, Aaron Ross, Rashad Madden, B.J. Young and DeVonta Abron - as the fourth-best class nationally.

"I hate this for him," noted Mickelson, a top 50 player nationally. "I wanted him to be the coach when I got there and all four years I was there. It's really sad that I am not going to get to have him as my coach."

Young, a top 20 player nationally, echoed those sentiments.

"I'm in shock," Young said. "I didn't really think he was going to get fired and I just feel so bad for him. Coach Pelphrey and his staff all worked so hard."

Madden was contacted via phone, but too distraught about the situation to talk about it right now.

Both players said they were going to wait and see who the new coach was, but stressed that they could be asking for releases now that the situation at Arkansas has changed.

"I am just going to sit back now and see who the new coach is and what he brings," Mickelson said. "Then I will just have to make the best decision for myself. I signed with Arkansas, but I signed with Arkansas and Coach Pelphrey."

Young has gone from the high of winning the Missouri Class 5A title on Saturday to the coaching news on Sunday.

"I am going to look at all my options and see who the coach is and see how my game fits in his style and even if he will want me in his system. After I find all that out, I will make a decision on whether I will ask for a release from Arkansas or not."

NOTE: I have left messages for the other two signees and will add to the story as I hear from them.


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