Decision Day?

Sources told Hawgs Illustrated late Monday night that Tuesday is likely to bring a resolution to the Arkansas-Mike Anderson-Missouri triangle.

Where Mike Anderson will coach next season – Missouri or Arkansas – is likely to become clear soon, maybe as early as Tuesday.

Sources told Hawgs Illustrated late Monday night that Anderson will likely agree to and sign an extension with Missouri soon or it will be announced that he is heading to Arkansas as its next head basketball coach.

That extension at Missouri will reportedly add two years to the five remaining on Anderson's contract and bump his annual salary from $1.5 million to $2 million dollars.

Will he sign it?

That, of course, is the $2 million dollar question and sources indicate that Anderson – who was an assistant at Arkansas under Nolan Richardson for 17 years - would like to have something done on Tuesday.

"This could still go either way," one of the sources said. "Everybody thinks they know, but he and his wife (Marcheita) and (his agent) Jimmy Sexton are probably the only ones who know which way he is really leaning. If I was you, I wouldn't use absolutes about anything right now."

That seemed to be the sentiment of Fox college basketball writer Jeff Goodman.

Goodman tweeted the following:

"Once again, still being told by multiple sources that Mike Anderson is still in limbo right now. No decision has been made either way."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz tweeted this:

"Those assuming Mike Anderson is staying at Mizzou are jumping the gun. Could be, yes. But there's a lot going on."

That was in contrast to ESPN's Andy Katz, who reported that Anderson would "eschew outside offers in favor of a contract extension and raise from the Tigers" and attributed that to multiple school sources.

The Missouri extension has been in the plans for several weeks, but is spotlighted now because Arkansas fired John Pelphrey after his fourth season at the helm of the Razorbacks.

The University of Missouri curators met in Rolla on Monday and will be there again today and would have to approve any extension.

Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long has not talked to Anderson and the coach has most certainly not been interviewed – as that would be a violation of the terms of the Missouri coaches contract.

But his interest in Anderson and the coach's interest in Arkansas has almost certainly been relayed by Sexton, one of the most powerful agents in the business.

It appeared that Anderson had decided to remain at Missouri early on Monday and several outlets, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported he was expected to sign the extension.

"We shall see," the aforementioned source said. "I wouldn't bet either way right now."

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