Hitting The Trail

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino made it clear Monday that his program will take a backseat to no one when it comes to going after the best 2012 recruits in the country

While Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino can't be on the road recruiting this next month, he'll still have a major impact during the spring evaluation.

After all, his phone still works.

"We kind of work it out with the assistants," Petrino said at his Monday press conference. "We have a schedule already set up and there are times that not only do I make calls, but the players can call me.

"You are only allowed to make one phone call to a recruit, but through e-mail and facebook stuff and all that, you can get ahold of a recruit very easily and they can contact us," Petrino added. "We kind of work it both ways whether I call them or they all me."

The Razorbacks already have five commitments in the 2012 class and Petrino makes it clear that after Arkansas' BCS bowl appearance his staff will not be backing down from anyone.

"We are certainly going to be in competition for some really good players against some really good schools," Petrino said. "It is just a matter of getting another evaluation in."

While the NCAA doesn't allow the head coach to be out during the spring, it does allows for seven assistants to be on the road at any one time.

The Razorbacks got started on that this week and will be on the road through the first three weeks of May as well.

"We have most of our recruits already identified and this is about going out and getting another evaluation on them," Petrino said, "seeing everybody and going over our list of the next class coming in. There is a lot of things to do."

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