Young Talent

Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson's team camp this weekend has featured a pair of the best young players in Alabama in Birmingham (AL) John Carroll Christian sophomores Justin Coleman (5-10, 160) and Chris Turk (6-4, 195).

One of the best parts about having a team camp is to get a look at young talent while allowing those prospects to get a look at your campus.

That's just what is happening this weekend as Birmingham (AL) John Carroll Catholic sophomores Justin Coleman (5-10, 160) and Chris Turk (6-4, 195) participate in Mike Anderson's Arkansas team camp.

Coleman and Turk both averaged 17 points per game last season as freshman while playing for one of the state of Alabama's top programs and already have the attention of the head coaches at Arkansas, Alabama and Auburn among others.

"We think both of these kids have a chance to be very special players and so do a lot of schools," John Carroll assistant coach Skip Wellborn said. "We have already heard from a lot of colleges about them."

Wellborn, who was a manager for Anderson at both UAB and Missouri, notes that Coleman is small, but fearless.

As evidence of that, he hit a big shot late in the game Saturday night as John Carroll edged Fayetteville in the last game of the day.

"Last year Justin was second-team all-state and first team all-metro and all county," Wellborn said. "He has incredible vision and incredible heart. He has to battle because of his size and weight, but he never backs down from anyone."

Turk, playing with an injured hand this weekend, is extremely aggressive and competed hard inside for Carroll last season.

"Chris gave us 17 points and 8 rebounds as a freshman in a league and a conference that the state champion came out of," Wellborn said. "…The future is very bright for him as well, especially if we can get him to play hard all the time. Justin plays hard all the time, Chris is working on that."

As you might expect, Wellborn thinks the world of Anderson, whose team camp will conclude on Sunday and be followed almost immediately by an four-day individual camp that begins later in the afternoon.

"Coach Anderson is a big-time family guy and the best person I have ever worked for," Wellborn said. "He treats everybody with great respect from the managers and trainers up to the star player. You don't see that from a lot of places in college basketball. I've talked to guys who were managers at other programs who said the head coach never even learned their name."

He believes Arkansas fans are in for a treat and a return to the Razorback success the late 1980s to mid-1990s.

"Coach Anderson is going to have them winning and winning big very soon," Wellborn said. "They already love him, but wait until he gets it back going here again. I am sure it is going to be amazing in here when that happens."

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