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Waco (Texas) Reicher Catholic tight end/defensive end Jordan Smith (6-5, 220, 4.65) is hoping that the performance he has put forth at Arkansas' camp this week will make him the second Razorback signee that school in the last few years.

Waco (Texas) Reicher Catholic tight end/defensive end Jordan Smith came to Arkansas this week with a dream and hopes to leave with a scholarship offer.

Smith (6-5, 220, 4.65), who hails from the same high school as current Razorback linebacker Ross Rasner, does not tried to hide his affinity for the school he is camping at right now.

"It would mean the world to me," Smith said of a possible offer from Arkansas. "Every since the beginning of the recruiting process, I have wanted to play at Arkansas really bad. I have just been pushing and pushing and trying to make myself better so I can come here and play. An offer would make my world complete."

Rasner has certainly filled Smith – who has offers from Kansas and Air Force - in on what it is like in Fayetteville.

"Ross plays up here and I have heard a lot about it, but it is one thing hearing about it and another coming up here," Smith said. "It is gorgeous up here and I love it. It definitely is a sight to see.

"…He has told me that the coaches are real and to the point," Smith added. "They want to win and they are going to do what is best for you to get you to win. They are going to make winners out of you. That's just how it is."

The possibility of playing for Arkansas and in the SEC certainly excites Smith.

"It is a great program and they are one of the best in the nation no doubt," Smith said. "It's SEC football for sure. That is the top of the top. That's the big leagues for college football. I watch them week in and week out just tear up the field."

In addition to the offers from Kansas and Air Force, Sinth is garnering interest from Arkansas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State – four places he has camped at recently.

"I went to Oklahoma State yesterday and they said they are going to push for an offer and so is (Texas) Tech," Smith said. "I am kind of in a waiting process right now and I am just camping it out."

He may take in a couple more visits on a tour that will have given him his best chance to be evaluated.

"This is kind of the end of the tour," Smith said. "I might go to Kansas this Friday to see the campus and show up and meet the head coach Turner Gill. I might make a late stop in July to Baylor."

He did allow that while he desperately wants the offer from Arkansas, he will take some time before committing if it does come.

"I am definitely going to think about it," Smith said. "I don't want to make a rash decision. There are all these things that go into it. Location not really being (a factor), but facilities and the coaches mainly (are). That is what I am looking for. Can I stand being around the coach? Is he going to coach me to be not only a good player, but a good person? The staff and overall atmosphere. The overall atmosphere is great here."

Schools are looking at Smith at both defensive end and tight end.

"I think right now I am better at defensive end, but the college coaches see potential (at tight end) with me being my size and how I handle myself," Smith said. "It really is what they want and what they can make me best at. I think I can see tight end just from how I how developed over the last week."

He has his eyes on imporiving in a couple of areas.

"I am 6-5, 220 and I am working on putting weight on right now," Smith said. "I am working on getting better with my routes, definitely better with my blocking and just becoming an overall better player."

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