QB Coach Evaluations

Offensive coordinator Garrick McGee gave Hawgs Illustrated his evaluations of the quarterbacks following spring football. These thoughts were published in Hawgs Illustrated's June football preview. This is part one in a series that will cover all of the spots on the Arkansas football team.

Post-spring evaluations from offensive coordinator Garrick McGee:

8 Tyler Wilson
6-3, 215, JR

He did a good job in the spring. Tyler is a guy that you are not going to outwork. It's important to him. He's an Arkansas kid. He wants to see this program win. He's been patient. He's been waiting and waiting for his time to come. Now that Ryan Mallett is gone, Tyler's time is now. What he has to do is settle down, though. His mind can start running so fast at times that there are too many things going on for him to be Tyler Wilson. When he's settled in, he can make every throw. He can make throws off balance. He can make those naked bootleg throws where he's throwing crossing routes across the field. He can make everyone of them. It's almost amazing. We used to say Tyler has a rabbit's foot in his back pocket. Ryan would say, "Tyler has the rabbit's foot again today." He would see things and make throws that no one on the field is even thinking about. And the guy is wide open back there. He has an ability that you can't coach. He's a leader. He's prepared to step into that role and the experience at Auburn definitely helped. It helped him and our team's confidence in him.

17 Brandon Mitchell
6-4, 230, SO

He put together 14 really good days of practice. I really hate that it ended the way it ended with the crowd watching. The people that didn't get to see him practice and only saw that game are still questioning whether or not Brandon can play or not. But he's really developed his skills to pass the ball and play the game since we got him. He's in position now with his ability to play the position. It's there. He can drop back, make the reads and make the throws on time. The next step is that he needs to make the next step and make that mental adjustment. He has to understand what is important when he runs out on the field. It's not getting the crowd going as the quarterback. It's none of that. I think he will make that adjustment. I think he will. We are staring at a kid that is a real talent. Not a lot of people have a talent like Brandon. I just have to get all of that talent and energy on one thing and that's executing the offense. That's all you have to do when you are out there. You don't have to worry about anything else when you are out there. Nothing else matters when you are out there. When he gets it, he's going to be incredible.

9 Jacoby Walker
6-2, 220, FR

He had a little trouble early in spring with that knee. But toward the end of spring I started to see him come to life like he did before he was hurt. I expect him to be full go when he comes back in the fall and be a producer for us.

16 Brian Buehner
5-11, 186, FR

I was so happy to see Brian get some success in the spring game because he's a really good player. Everyone around here knows he's a good player. He's tough. He's a good student of the game. To see him go out there and take the field down the field and score touchdowns is pretty cool for me as his position coach. To see him execute in the scrimmages was really good for me to see.

Editor's Note: Over the next two weeks, we will run through all of the positions on the team through the eyes of the coordinators.

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