Wide Receiver Evaluations

Offensive coordinator Garrick McGee gave Hawgs Illustrated his personnel evaluations for our June football preview. Here are his thoughts on the Arkansas wide receivers after spring ball.

Post-spring evaluations from offensive coordinator Garrick McGee:

3 Joe Adams
5-11, 190, SR
We think Joe could possibly be one of the most explosive players in college football. He is a senior and we expect a lot. He needs to step up and have a huge year for us. When he's on his game, he's as good as anybody in the country. I expect a lot from those guys. I wished he would have finished a little stronger in the spring. For the most part, he has a better understanding of what's going on out on the field. He understands how to read man or zone coverage. There are some things with him being a veteran; he understands a lot more.

2 Julian Horton
6-1, 194, SO
He played for us as a freshman. He's really competitive. He has big hands. He makes catches with his hands. He's not afraid to get in there and mix it up and play physical. He's in that period between his freshman and sophomore year and there's a lot of development that goes on between those two seasons. We expect him to be a full-time player for us this year.

4 Jarius Wright
5-10, 180, SR
When our team votes for captains, it wouldn't surprise me if he had the most votes. He's been a guy that's about the right stuff. He shows up around here prepared to work on a daily basis. His attitude is right. He's really gotten a lot stronger which has made him a much better receiver. He's able to get in and out of his breaks just because his legs are so much stronger. He has confidence. When we ran (40s), he was the fastest guy on the team. He's one of my favorite guys. What I like about him the most, he told me that was going to happen on that (4.27) 40. When everybody — Dennis Johnson, Joe Adams, Ronnie Wingo, Darius Winston — was talking about who was going to win, Jarius looked right in my eyes and said, ‘There is no one around here faster than me, I'm telling you that right now.' Then, when it was time to run, he was right. We like guys like that. Not only are they the fastest guys when we are practicing the 40, when it's showtime and it's time to test and the clock is out there and it's all on the line, he was the fastest.

85 Greg Childs
6-3, 217, SR
He had a great offseason after his (knee) surgery. He's been able to come out there and run routes with us and make cuts and move. He's probably full-go right now. If we were going to play, he'd be out there and play. We expect him to have a huge season for us. I know he's hungry. When he got injured, we were headed to play South Carolina and he came in to talk to our offense just what the injury really meant to him and what he said was that he was not going to have the opportunity to help the seniors finish their career and that's what hurt him the most. That impressed me because it was not about the production or numbers he was going to get — is he going to have a big enough year to go out to the NFL. He was crying and said, "Man, I'm not going to get to help you guys finish out your senior year." If I can get him to continue with that unselfish attitude and just work and compete to win games, I think he can have a huge year for us.

83 Maudrecus Humphrey
6-3, 185, SO
He's developing. He has a lot of ability and talent. He's still learning mentally. This game moves fast. There are a lot of expectations that he has to get caught up with, but when it comes to ability to run routes, speed and catching the ball, he's as good as we've got. It's just that he has to catch up with mental.

5 Quinta Funderburk
6-3, 200, FR
He came in early and has a ways to go as far as in the weight room. He's going to have to spend a lot of time in the weight room. He has to get his body in position to compete with those guys.

11 Cobi Hamilton
6-3, 209, JR
I expect Cobi to grow up this time around. I have a theory that when you are a freshman and sophomore, the sky is the limit for you. You are up and coming and you are still growing. But when you become a junior, you don't have much time left; it all changes. I expect him to be a better player for us. He's always made plays for us. He's big, he's fast and he can really catch the ball. But I expect him to commit to his footwork, his technique and be an all-around student of the game so that he can become what I think he can be. I thought it when we recruited him. He can be one of the top players in this conference. But he's got to commit to it. If he does, there is no doubt what he can be. He's got all of the talent in the world. He's probably got the most talent we've got as far as the size, speed and the ability to catch the ball in traffic. If he commits, then he can become one of the prime-time players in this conference.

19 Javontee Herndon
6-1, 189, SO
He has value because he is a real student of the game. He understands all four positions — if we've got four in the game. We could put him at any of those spots. That shows us that you've really studied in the classroom and paid attention in meetings. That's why I like him. He's tough. He's fast. Again, he's one of those guys who is going between his freshman and sophomore years. There are some things that he's going to have to grow into for him to get out there and compete in games.

1 Marquel Wade
5-11, 185, FR
He's explosive and as big of a competitor as we have on our squad. We knew a lot about him in the recruiting process because we spent a lot of time with him. We got him here last summer and he spent time getting comfortable before he had to leave (for prep school) and he just has to dive into the playbook to understand what we are doing on offense. That gives you the ability to understand what the defense is going to do. But you have to understand what we are doing first. If we can get him to understand it so we can put him out there in roles where he knows exactly what to do so he can get out there and play fast, he's as good as we've got. He expect him and Joe Adams to be back there returning punts. He's got really soft hands. He just has to commit to learning the little details that go on in the game at this level. He's young. He hasn't had guys closing in on him as fast as he did this spring. He used to get away with not catching the ball into the tuck. Now, there is someone making contact as soon as the ball gets there. Those are the little things that he has to learn.

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