Sunny Days

When Arkansas' newcomers take the field Thursday at 3 p.m. for their first practice, the three from Arizona - linebackers Alonzo Highsmith and Brock Haman and cornerback Kelvin Fisher, Jr., - should be used to the searing heat.

For all the talk about how hot the weather is in Arkansas right now, there's a pair of newcomers who don't seem worried one bit about it.

They prepped for it in Arizona, where it isn't known to be exactly chilly during preseason practice.

Phoenix College linebacker Alonzo Highsmith (6-1, 230) and Gilbert High cornerback Kelvin Fisher, Jr. (5-10, 180) might have the edge over some of their other newcomers at Thursday's 3 p.m. practice because of that.

"It's not going to be that big a deal – I've been in Arizona," said Highsmith, a Texas native. "It's a different heat – a dry heat and there's more humidity here, but the sun is out, it's beating on you and you just get used to it."

Fisher hails from Queen Creek, Ariz., where the thermometer can soar.

"I've been where it's hotter than this, so it hasn't bothered me," Fisher said. "It is hot, but not like it is in Arizona. You learn to drink lots of fluid."

The Razorbacks also signed a third Arizona product in linebacker Brock Haman.

All three should have the opportunity to contribute this season and were here for the first semester of summer school to workout with their new teammates and learn the playbook.

"When I came in here, they told me they wanted me to gain weight so that is what I have been focusing on," noted Highsmith, now up to 230 from 220. "I have been putting weight on and getting stronger. I feel like I came in and caught on fast and I am going to be ready to roll now."

Highsmith - whose dad Alonzo was a college star at Miami and also had a successful seven-year NFL career, would like to claim the starting Will linebacker spot.

"A personal goal of mine is to be part of that starting 11 on defense," Highsmith said. "I want to grind and help us win games…Anthony Leon played that last year and everybody is just coming in and competing for it."

He knows that the level of play from junior college to SEC is a major difference.

"This is a big jump, but I feel like I am ready for it," Highsmith said. "The object is to work hard and put yourself in those situations. I feel like I am in a great situation right now and I am going to make the most of it."

The junior college All-American believes he has some attributes that should help him do so.

"I hustle, I'm quick and I play with physicality," Highsmith said.

Fisher believes he got a big head start by getting to campus early.

"I'm ready to start fall camp," Fisher said. "I just want to do what I can to help the team. I came in to start the first semester of summer school and I think it's been good. The players have helped me understand what we do. They've helped me a lot."

Fisher is working at the boundary cornerback spot. He played both the field and boundary sides in high school.

"It didn't matter to me," he said. "The coaches want me to begin at boundary and that's fine. I've gone about learning exactly how they want me to play that. The players have worked with me. Now I'll get to work with the coaches starting tomorrow. I will do whatever they need me to do.

"It's been a good summer. But I know it will get tougher when the pads are added. So far, it's been good for me. It's also been very good to go against some of the best wide receivers in the country. We are working against the best. We know that."

Alonzo Highsmith

Kelvin Fisher, Jr.

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