State of the Hogs: QB

The best eyes at practice on judging the quarterback might be on the other side of the ball. The defense knows what Arkansas has with its new signal caller.

In case you don't trust your own eyes on quarterback evaluations, ask the defense. No one sees the quarterback up close and personal better than the guys assigned to stop him each day in practice.

So I did after practice Wednesday. The results were unanimous.

Tyler Wilson is getting it done day after day in fall camp, just like he did last summer and like he did in the spring. And it's getting better every step of the way.

"I think Tyler is an added dimension," defensive end Jake Bequette said. Ryan Mallett did an unbelievable job. But there are some things he didn't do nearly as well as Tyler."

Like what?

"The touch passes," Bequette said. "That's one thing that we see Tyler do every day that Ryan didn't do quite as well.

"I see it, too. I've been dropping into coverages in certain schemes. So I'm back there when those crossing routes are popping through. You see Tyler put them right there, perfectly. He's just so accurate on all of those. He gets rid of them so quick. His technique is so consistent.

"I'm back there trying to stop them and think we have them figured out and then the ball comes in there so perfect. It's amazing. He drops them in there so accurate.

"I think those routes are tough to stop, too. We've got guys who run them perfectly, like Joe Adams, Jarius Wright, Marquel Wade. Those quick, little guys running those crossing routes are very precise and Tyler puts it right on the money to them."

Cornerback Isaac Madison has a different view, but sees a lot of the same things. He's not worried about losing a beat as far as the change at quarterback between Mallett and now Wilson.

"We've been good there and we are still good there," Madison said. "I can tell you that we have a hard time with the offense. It's a real battle to stop them. That passing game is very tough to defend. Nothing has changed. It's been tough to stop in the spring, the summer and in camp. I don't see a fall off.

"Those wide receivers are all you would ever want to face and Tyler gets it to them. They are tough."

Bequette had one final thought for anyone doubting Wilson.

"Any one who is out here at practice and has paid attention, they know," Bequette said. "I understand some have to see it to believe it. But I've seen it. I know."

What about the deep ball? Mallett was awesome there.

"Tyler has it all," Bequette said. "He makes all of the throws. His deep ball is right on the money."

That's all I needed to hear.

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