State of the Hogs: Poor Aggies

The Aggies will love life in the SEC. It's equality. The only problem is they may not know how to act after all these years with Texas.

Does anyone blame Texas A&M? Not me. I've always wondered how the Aggies stood to be that close to Texas.

I'm guessing it's not a question of whether or not the Aggies join us in the SEC, but when. The real question: what's taking so long?

And I'm not talking about the current decision. The Aggies had a chance to come with Arkansas 20 years ago. It was greased and ready for them to leave the failing Southwest Conference and move to the promised land of milk and honey.

I understand the political situation in Texas. But surely the Aggies have been around the Longhorns long enough to know that there was never going to be anything good come from a conference with Texas unless it helped those in burnt orange the most.

I have little use for anyone at Texas. I've met good people that graduated from Texas, but there is something about the culture on that campus that ruins most good people. They eventually hold their nose too high for me. Their thoughts and actions will eventually be ruled by arrogance.

Last week when Frank Broyles did a radio show in Fayetteville, the days of the SWC split were revisited. He said it was clear for several years that the conference was doomed because of the way the Texas media covered the pro sports in Dallas and Houston.

The thought was that all but Arkansas, Texas and Texas A&M were going broke -- fast. Their stadiums were empty. They were raising zero money for athletics. The big corporations in Texas were spending their entertainment advertising on pro sports, not colleges.

Broyles said everyone in the SWC knew that the rules were made for Texas and not for the rest of the league. Even the Aggies knew it. This Longhorn TV network and the revenue cuts in the Big 12 all favored Texas.

Nebraska got it. They understood after sitting in those meeting rooms with Texas brass for the last two decades. That's what drove the Cornhuskers to the Big 10.

I guess the Aggies have always thought they needed Texas. They wanted their hated rivals as a measuring stick. Beat the Longhorns, all is well in the world. And it doesn't matter if it is in football, baseball or whatever sport is added.

As much as the Longhorns are hated by all, the Aggies are beloved. They are regular people. They've got their unique traditions that I'm not going to try to figure out. But they don't have their noses stuck in the air like the Longhorns. They understand life and helping others. There is a lot of goodness in College Station.

I hate it that the Longhorns are making it difficult for them in the Texas statehouse. I know that's happening. There will be some pressure put on them in the education funding process when the Aggies leave for the SEC.

But it's the right thing to do. Say goodbye to UT. Do it now. The Aggies will love it in the SEC even as they battle for every victory in every sport like they've never done before. There's nothing wrong with good, honest competition. And there will be no one talking down to you.

It's proper to expect equal funding from a conference affiliation. It's going to be a fresh breath of air for the Aggies. They may not even know what to think when someone at Florida asks them what would be good for Texas A&M. That's never happened to the Aggies before in any dealings with Texas.

The thing that baffles me is the way folks in other corners of the country question why Texas A&M would want to bust up the Big 12 and change the landscape of college football. What's so bad about sticking with Texas and the other Big 12 schools?

If they only knew. Poor Aggies. They are trying hard to do what's right and that's to leave the Longhorns in the dust.

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