Depth Chart: Arkansas

In his weekly recruiting column for Hawgs Illustrated, Dudley E. Dawson chats with Razorback recruiting coordinator Tim Horton about how ESPN's Depth Chart: Arkansas next Wednesday should have a positive impact on the program's recruiting efforts in the future. This story is free and sponsored by the Arkansas Toyota Dealers.

Next Wednesday night at 6 p.m., ESPN will provide the Arkansas football program with an hour-long recruiting special.

It certainly may not have been meant as that, but that is exactly what ESPN's "Year of the Quarterback: Depth Chart" will do for the Razorbacks.

Following previous hours on Auburn, Oklahoma State and Wisconsin the previous three Wednesdays, the finale of the four-part series will bring Arkansas' football program right into the living rooms of recruits and their families.

"Anytime you can get national exposure, be it on CBS on ESPN or anywhere else, it is just a wonderful benefit for our football program," notes Tim Horton, the Razorbacks' recruiting coordinator and assistant coach. "This will go right into the homes of kids all over the country. It gives us a great chance to show what our program is all about and we're very excited about it."

Depth Chart, narrated by Kirk Herbstreit, is billed as an rarely-seen glimpse into the lives of QBs, from freshman recruit to incumbent senior, beginning with rigors of training and practice and continuing through each school's first home game.

Arkansas' segment was actually filmed during its week of practices leading up to Razorbacks' 38-14 home win over Auburn on Oct. 8.

It could have served as a major distraction, but didn't end up being one for either starter Tyler Wilson, back-up Brandon Mitchell or QBs coach Garrick McGee according to Horton.

"I don't know it was much of a distraction for the team because we are used to having cameras around for all the in-house video that we do," Horton said. "It could have been one for the quarterbacks and Coach McGee, but they all handled it so well.

"The most important thing is that it was during a big week for us and we won the game," Horton added. "The fact that the recruits will see how we prepared and how we finished with a great win just makes it so much better."

ESPN released three teaser videos of the program that can be viewed via

One features Wilson and McGee working through some hand signals for a play called "Turbo Buffalo", another has Wilson and teammates delivering pizza to students outside the stadium two days before the game and the third features Mitchell and McGee talking about how each SEC West game has national championship implications.

It's a bit surprising that laser-beam focused Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was ok with the cameras coming in during preparation, but the benefits were just too much to not take advantage of right now.

While Arkansas has certain areas that it concentrates on recruiting, that map is expanding with the success the football program is having on the SEC and national level.

Basically it is a perfect time to bring the No. 10 Razorbacks into homes in Chicago, New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Fresno and all points in between.

"We're going to be in a lot of homes next Wednesday," Horton said. "It's a ideal time for us to show what we are all about."

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