State of the Hogs: Manhattan

Kansas State will bring a passionate fan base proud of its head coach. Tim Horton has great respect for Wildcat boss Bill Snyder.

Tim Horton spent three seasons as an assistant football coach at Kansas State. You can call them the non-Bill Snyder years. Or you can call it the Ron Prince era.

Horton, who has been an assistant at Arkansas the last five seasons, had a brief stop at Air Force before he got the call from Houston Nutt in the summer of 2007 to come home. He was all set to be offensive coordinator at the academy before returning to his alma mater.

Long story short, Horton may be the one Razorback who appreciates what Snyder has done in his two stints as head coach for the Wildcats.

"I do," Horton said. "I got to know Coach Snyder during my time at K-State. He had an office in the football building and he'd come by and visit. He was very respectful for what we were doing. I had a great relationship with Coach Snyder.

"Every team he's had there has been solid. There was a six or seven year period that Kansas State had the second most victories in college football behind Florida State. Every coach in the country respects what Bill Snyder did at K-State."

Horton said his three years in Manhattan were enjoyable. He said it was not a lot different than what he remembers of his days in Fayetteville when his father was on the Lou Holtz staff at Arkansas in the 1970s.

"I think Manhattan for me reminded of growing up in Fayetteville," Horton said. "You had everything you needed without the crowds. It was a town of about 30,000. It revolved around the school.

"There was Aggie Station with nice places to eat. It was a lot like Dickson Street is to our campus. So there was some place to go and hang out for the students and a little bit of an entertainment district."

Hoton said the K-State fans reminded him of Arkansas fans.

"I've been several places during my coaching career and the fans that reminded me the most of Razorback fans were at K-State," Horton said. "It's the same kind of passion. Same kind of people. Good people.

"I keep telling people over the last couple of weeks since the bowl pairings were announced that you are going to enjoy being around Kansas State people. They appreciate things. They are going to be good to be around at the bowl events. That's just the way they are and our people will see themselves in them.

"Our family enjoyed our time there. It's going to be good to see some of those people again." But the game won't be easy.

"I know about Bill Snyder and what kind of football team he'll bring to Dallas," Horton said. "They'll be sound, both in technique and fundamentals. They don't beat themselves. They are going to play hard and the right way.

"Bill Snyder is a grinder. He's in his 70s, but he still gets after it on a daily basis. I think what the people told me when I was there, that he was the first into the building each day -- around 5 a.m. It was pretty common for him to still be there at midnight.

"They won't miss anything in their preparation. You see the attention to detail when you watch them on tape. They are very well coached."

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