JUCO Linebacker Interested In SEC

Pierce College linebacker Marcus Jenkins-Moore received an offer from Arkansas and has interest in playing in the Southeastern Conference.

In the past six seasons, a Southeastern Conference team has won the BCS National Championship and Pierce College linebacker Marcus Jenkins-Moore has a chance to join the conference.

The California native may not be able to pass that opportunity up.

"I see the SEC as a huge conference that breeds NFL-type players that play big-time football," Jenkins-Moore said. "There are big-time hits and big-time plays there. Every conference has some star players, but I think the SEC is at the top.

"I could see myself playing in the SEC. I'm the type of guy that gets the job done and most of the defenses in the SEC run a 4-3 and that's my style of defense. I think I have the heart and could step up and compete with everyone at the top."

Arkansas officially offered Jenkins-Moore last Friday. He will have two seasons of NCAA eligibility and is on pace to graduate from Junior College in December.

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound linebacker has yet to make a visit to Arkansas, but will make a visit for the Arkansas-Alabama game on Sept. 15.

"I want to see what the atmosphere is like in the SEC nation," Jenkins-Moore said. "I have seen some big stadiums and big-time games and so I want to see the atmosphere, see how loud the fans really are and see if I can relate to everything that is going on."

Jenkins-Moore has received a dozen offers to this point, but said a few of the schools that have caught his eye include Arizona, Kansas State, Purdue and Arkansas. He got a chance to get a glimpse of two of those teams play when he watched the 2012 Cotton Bowl on TV.

"I watched a little bit of the [Cotton Bowl] and it got out of hand," Jenkins-Moore said. "Kansas State played close early, but Arkansas stepped up and the SEC team just took over."

Arkansas has recently used California as a bit of a pipeline state, especially with junior college athletes, most recently signing fullback Kiero Small, offensive linemen Chris Stringer and Jason Peacock and defensive end Austin Flynn from junior colleges within the Golden State.

"Their recruiting guys do well," said Jenkins-Moore, who is from Woodland Hills, Calif., himself. "I've seen people say California is too far and they should just recruit between Miami and Texas. I didn't really understand that though, because if you're going to go out your way, you might as well do it big.

"I think recruiting in California is a good decision on their part."

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