Fayetteville QB attends Elite 11

Fayetteville quarterback and Arkansas recruit Austin Allen participated in the Elite 11 High School Quarterback camp in Dallas.

Fayetteville quarterback and Arkansas recruit Austin Allen recently participated in the Elite 11 camp for high school quarterbacks at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Highly ranked quarterbacks from around the country got to go to the camp and Allen said it was "quite the experience."

"It was at Dallas Cowboys stadium, so I was in awe of the place the whole time," Allen said. "There were a lot of great quarterbacks there and I really wanted to see where I matched up with some of the top quarterbacks in the country and I felt like I stacked up pretty well with them."

Allen, who also plays baseball for the Bulldogs, said he had not thrown a football in a while and discovered some things he could work on.

"Some of my accuracy was a little bit down and I threw some wobbly passes toward the end of the camp."

Along with participating with top high school quarterbacks, Allen said Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo gave some pointers. He also said he could see himself playing a game in Cowboys Stadium someday.

Upon returning from the camp, Allen had another busy week. Last Wednesday, he received a scholarship offer from Tennessee.

"It was kind of out of the blue," Allen said. "I got a message on Facebook and I called up there and they offered me."

Last Friday, Allen attended the first Arkansas spring scrimmage of the season.

"Arkansas sticks out because they're right in the backyard," Allen said. "I have been a fan of them my whole life, so it'd be hard to root against them.

"They're probably my leader right now."

Allen has received offers from Arkansas, Arkansas State, Memphis, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Tulsa. One of the biggest differences for Allen and his brother, Arkansas back-up quarterback Brandon Allen, is that Austin Allen said he intends to play out the recruiting process more.

"Brandon didn't really go through the process at all in high school," Allen said. "He knew where he wanted to go, whereas I want to see other colleges, see what they are all about and enjoy the recruiting experience since you only get it once. "I want to make sure I choose the right school, too." Before choosing a school, Allen said he wants to focus on baseball and then make some visits to schools like South Florida and Tennessee over the summer.

Even though the defending state championship quarterback said he may make a decision before his senior year begins, Allen has just one specific goal for his final high school football season.

"Winning a state championship and getting another ring is about all I really want right now," Allen said.

"We kind of got shell-shocked early in the season last year. We tried to live up to the hype a little bit too much and didn't play the way we should have played. We hit our groove in the playoffs and we were a lot more confident about it."

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