Does Everyone Hate Texas?

Frank Broyles thinks Texas fans earn the hatred directed at Longhorns.

Frank Broyles was clear about the place Texas fans have carved out for the Longhorns.

Broyles, the former Arkansas coach and athletic director, was speaking on the state of college football in a one-hour interview on Sports Talk with Bo on June 7, 2012 when his real feelings for the Longhorns popped out.

"Everybody hates Texas," he said. "People don't always say it, but they are the team everyone hates.

"They know everyone hates them and they take pride in that. Let me say, they have the fan base, the talent and they can handle it."

Why does everyone hate Texas?

"They are arrogant," he said. "You talk to their fans, they don't think anyone is of their equal as far as academics or in athletics. Arrogant.

"Their arrogance is because of their success. They've earned their arrogance. They have all of the advantages."

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