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Pulaski Academy senior-to-be tight end Hunter Henry (6-6, 230) - the state's top-rated player and someone who is playing in this weekend's Shootout of the South - hopes to have his list down to a final trio of schools heading into the 2012 season.

LITTLE ROCK - The state's higest-rated football player is hoping to have his six-team list cut it half by the end of the summer.

Pulaski Academy tight end Hunter Henry (6-6, 230), who is playing in the Shootout of the South 7-on-7 tournament this weekend, has Arkansas among those six.

"I think that I will have it down to three by the time the summer is over," Henry said during a break between games. "I think I will probably visit Arkansas and Georgia once more this summer. That will give the chance to get to know (Razorback head) Coach John L. Smith more and I am looking forward to that."

He'll also get to see Arkansas' new Nike Pro-Combat uniforms up close on the trip.

"I got to see pictures of those and I loved them," Henry said. "Those are really sweet and stylish and really look good. I think Arkansas some of the best uniforms in the country now."

Arkansas and Georgia join Alabama, Oklahoma, Stanford and Vanderbilt as the final six for Henry, the son of former Razorback offensive lineman Mark Henry.

"I have now had a chance to see all six schools because my dad and I flew out to see Stanford last month," Henry said. "I enjoyed the trip and it's a very good school."

Henry, whose two-time defending champ Pulaski Academy squad went 3-2 in pool play Friday in the two-day event, is happy about the Bruins' new wide receiver coach.

It's former Arkansas star wide receiver and NFL player Anthony Lucas.

"I love the hire and I am really looking forward to learning a lot from him," Henry said. "That's someone who was a big-time college wide receiver and played in the league. I am going to be listening to every thing he says very close."

Pulaski Academy head coach Kevin Kelly believes Lucas will be a big help to Henry.

"I think Anthony is going to help all of our guys, but yes, he will really help Hunter in the fact that they are both big guys and he knows the techniques and fundamentals that can only help his further his development," Kelly said. "We think we have a lot of great coaches here already and he is just going to add even more information that will help out our program."

Henry will take the next couple of weeks off from sports as he is about to have his tonsils removed.

"Everything's going to slow down for me the next couple of weeks because of that, but I probably start thinking more about recruiting after that," Henry said. "I have a lot of information and I think I am going to be able to make a great choice when the time comes."

Kelly thinks Henry has handled the process just right.

"Getting it down to those six has really helped him in the amount of calls he gets from coaches and media and you can see him relax about that," Kelly said. "But it's like we also tell him, ‘hey, it's pretty good to be you right now so you need to feel pretty blessed about it.'"

Hunter Henry

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