State of the Hogs: Noel Lemon

Noel Lemon was all smiles as he entered TA Ameritrade Park to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks play in the College World Series.

OMAHA, Neb. -- Noel Lemon hasn't been in Fayetteville in a bit. But he still remembers those great Arkansas basketball teams in the 1950s.

"I watched George Kok play," Lemon said. "I was on the freshman team with Marvin Adams. That was pretty good talent."

This was the conversation a reporter had on the front steps of TA Ameritrade Park on Saturday afternoon just minutes before the Razorback baseball team started play in the College World Series.

"I wasn't going to miss it," Lemon said. "I went to Arkansas. Transferred in to play basketball. I wasn't good enough, but that's my team."

As the retired baseball coach from Blair, Neb., Lemon can attend a lot of games. He's got season tickets at Haymarket Park for Nebraska Cornhusker games where he learned to really appreciate Dave Van Horn.

"He can really coach," Lemon said. "I'm a big fan of the way he recruits, the way he builds a team and the way his teams play the game. He's very, very good. He built the Nebraska program from nothing and the program took off."

Lemon was decked out in a Razorback pullover and a ball cap with a block letter "N" for Nebraska.

"My kids got me the Razorback top," he said. "I will enjoy wearing it today. I'm hear to cheer on the Razorbacks."

Lemon trotted down memory lane with the reporter as he was going up the steps to the game.

"Do you think Alvan Adams, the former NBA star, is related to Marvin Adams?" Lemon said. "I've always wondered that. Marvin was 6-6. Adams was about 6-9 and they were both from Oklahoma. They must be related, right?"

The reporter stumbled on the question, but promised research.

"What about this Razorback team?" Lemon said. "I think they can do well here. Good pitching, right?"

Absolutely, Noel Lemon was on target. And excited.

He the wit of a coach when the reporter asked for him to pose for a picture.

"Sure, it's $100," he said. "Just kidding. I'd love it. Go Hogs."

Noel Lemon had a Razorback pullover and his Nebraska hat to watch the Hogs play in Omaha.

Photo by Clay Henry

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