Arkansas Offensive Line

Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino gave Hawgs Illustrated his assessment of the offensive line following spring drills. This is part of a series to run over the next week at

Paul Petrino on Offensive Line:

Overview: I thought they did a great job of protecting the quarterback all spring. I would say there's a lot of competition there, which is a good thing. We just need to have a great fall camp of getting our identity with the top runs we'll be good at and what is our bread-and-butter when it's crunch time to win the game, and you have to run it to win. We need to make sure we have that identity and know these are our bread-and-butter plays and execute them.

Travis Swanson
6-5, 305, JR
Swanson is the leader. He took big steps like Tyler Wilson as far his overall knowledge of the offense. Even the way he walked out to practice every day, even the way he carried himself and the way he led. I wasn't here all of last year, but it was different in the spring even compared to bowl practice in the way he took over that group and became the leader and played a lot better. I think Travis has a great chance to be a great player.

Luke Charpentier
6-4, 305, JR
Charpentier plays both guard and center for us. He's a good young player who continues to improve. He still needs to get stronger in his lower body which will give himself more power. He had a lot of reps because he played both center and guard all spring. He did some good things for us.

Tyler Deacon
6-4, 300, SR
Tyler did a good job. We flip-flop our line so he was our starting quick guard. It's kind of his time. You see that a lot with lineman where they're in the system for four years and then that fifth year, their redshirt senior year, they step up and have a real good year. That's what we need him to do. He's an overachiever, he's a tough guy and he plays with great effort. That's kind of how he has to get it done. I still remember his first year when I was here and you just knew that was a tough — he's gotten big, he was little then — but he's really gotten bigger and stronger and sometimes to be a good offensive unit, you need one or two lineman to be what he is; that overachiever, tough guy who is going to give you 100 percent effort on every play.

Mitch Smothers
6-4, 296, SO
He improved. He's got a good upside. I think he's going to be a good player, sometimes it just takes some of the lineman a few more years than it takes some of the other positions. They have to get stronger and more playing time, but I think Mitch has a good chance to be a good player. He did some good things and the good thing is there is good competition up front and they all can keep pushing each other every day. If he's not getting it done, then we can put in the next guy.

Alvin Bailey
6-5, 312, JR
Bailey has started here for two years. He was battling as the spring went on with both Danehauer and Charpentier. He needs to be a good player for us though. He is probably one of the most talented guys up front. He needs to have a great summer and get himself really focused. He has the strength, he has the size, he has the ability. He needs to be a good player for us at the strong guard. He knows he didn't start the spring game, so he knows he has some competition. It's a day-in and day-out thing and he needs to step it up and make sure he's the starter there.

Marcus Danehauer
6-5, 300, JR
He had a good spring. He did a lot of good things for us. He played hard. He's just young. Before it's all said and done, he'll be a good football player for us.

Jason Peacock
6-4, 305, SR
He wouldn't start if we played today. Hurd beat him out in the spring. Now Peacock's a good player, but he was suspended for a while and came back as a two and still needs to earn that job back.

David Hurd
6-6, 300, JR
If we played today, David Hurd would be the starter. At the end of the spring, he was the starter. Hurd did a good job with pass protection and really improved in his run blocking. I thought David had a good spring. He'd be the quick tackle if we played today and Peacock would be his back-up. He's good in pass protection. He does a really good job with setting his hands and moving his feet. He just needs to continue to improve some of his run blocking.

Brey Cook
6-7, 308, SO
Brey would be the starter right now. He improved as the spring went on. But there is some good competition there, too. Cook is a good size. He went with the ones every scrimmage and he got better each week. He improved each week of practice. He's just young and he needs to get stronger. The big thing for him is to get stronger this summer and that will help him.

Chris Stringer
6-7, 304, SO
Stringer got better, so I would say that's a good battle between [he and Cook]. Each week, you saw him play better and better. He's another guy who moves his feet well and would be good for us in pass protection right now.

Austin Beck
6-7, 307, FR
Beck's a young guy who has a good chance to be a good football player before it's all said and done. He's got a big body and long arms. We see the potential of him being a good player. He just has to have a great summer in the weight room and build strength to that big frame he has.

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