Arkansas Wide Receivers

Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino gave Hawgs Illustrated his assessment of the wide receivers following spring drills. This is part of a series to run over the next week at

Paul Petrino on Wide Receivers:

Overview:Their first strength is they are a big, physical group. They're good against press coverage, they're physical, they get off the line well, they can make the tough, contested catches and they're good blockers. They need to work on the day-to-day of eliminating easy drops as a whole group. They need to make the simple play when it's there; don't ever hurt ourselves when it's an easy completion and make sure we make the play.

Cobi Hamilton
6-3, 209, SR
He's the No. 1 guy. I thought Cobi early on in the spring needed to figure out he's going to be playing a lot more, so he needed to get himself in the best physical condition he's ever been in, and he improved on that as the spring went on. He needs to be a great player for us. He needs to be one of the top receivers in the country next year. He fills the role of a little bit of all the departing guys. He does some things Jarius Wright did well, is a good runner after the catch like Joe Adams and then he's got to be that big target who goes and catches the slants and fades like Greg Childs did. He really should put up better numbers than any of them ever did just because it's his time.

Marquel Wade
5-11, 185, SO
He had a good spring. He's a good player and runs with the ball well after the catch. He's still young and just needs to keep proving himself.

Julian Horton
6-1, 194, JR
Julian really came on as the spring went on. There are definitely some things he does well and we've got to continue to improve on that, but I think he'll make some plays for us next year. He'll do a lot of the things Joe Adams did as far as the option routes and playing in that spot. He can jump and catch the ball well in the air; that's something he's always done well.

Javontee Herndon
6-1, 204, JR
He was a little banged-up in the spring; he had a knee that was bothering him. He has the speed and runs good routes, can get in and out of his breaks and he's got to be another guy who has a good year for us. There are definitely things he does well. There was one scrimmage where he had too many drops, but he came back and caught two touchdowns that day, too. He's a guy who definitely needs to have a great summer with Tyler. He had a great offseason in the weight room and conditioning program. Physically, he's probably the most impressive kid we have in the weight room. He's got a lot of tools.

Keante Minor
6-0, 205, SO
He has real strong hands, is a physical kid and I like Keante a lot. I felt good when he was in there this spring. There were two or three routes I knew when I called them, he was going to win. We always tell them the film is their resume; show us on tape what you do well and that's how we're going to use you. He has a small resume right now, but he's good at it. He reminds me of a freshman all-American we had at Louisville named Mario Urrutia. Mario really ran about three things real well and that's what we threw him over and over. Then as he got older, he built that resume. If we played a game tomorrow, there are three plays I know I could call for Keante. Now he has to work in two-a-days to improve what we can do with him.

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