Arkansas Cornerbacks

Arkansas defensive coordinator Paul Haynes gave Hawgs Illustrated his assessment of the cornerbacks following spring drills. This is part of a series to run over the next week at

Paul Haynes on Cornerbacks:

Overview: We have four or five guys who can play for us at that position. The thing that they have to be great at is fundamentals and technique. And that's what they need to continue to do and understand that we have to be great technicians and great tacklers. We have to include the secondary if we're going to stop the run and offenses are going to make these guys tackle. They have to be good tacklers and not give up big plays.

Tevin Mitchel
6-0, 192, SO
Tevin has the tools to be an awesome corner. He has great feet, great hips and he also has that attitude that you want at corner. He has a short memory. He takes chances, which is good at times and I think he's a smart football player. I think he has a chance to be very productive for us this year.

Darius Winston
6-0, 191, SR
Darius has played a lot of football for us. You talk about big, strong and fast and he is all of those things. If you look at his numbers in the weight room, they're off the chart. I always tell him, ‘Man, if you're not a first-day guy, we've done wrong.' I think he can be. The thing he has to do a lot better job on is being consistent on the field and tackling. I'm on him all the time about being aggressive and tackling. He has great cover skills, has great feet and great hips. The talent is not the issue with him. We just have to make sure that he has the mentality of every snap going up and hitting because offenses are going to make these guys tackle.

Kaelon Kellybrew
5-11, 180, SR
Kellybrew is a kid who could move up to a starter. Talent-wise, what you want as a corner; attitude-wise, he has it all. He has a short memory, he has great feet, great hips and good instinct of knowing what's going to happen. He is a kid who had a great spring for us. He is on the level, to me, as Tevin and Darius. He was my biggest surprise defensively. If you look at that position and probably within the whole secondary of who had the most production, it was probably him. He may not have always been right, but he ended up around the ball. When the ball was thrown his way, he was there. There are two things at corner you want — you want them to defend the ball, which is awesome, but if it doesn't happen, then there has to be a catch and a tackle. Almost every time the ball was thrown his way, that's what you saw.

Davyon McKinney
6-3, 190, FR
McKinney is a young kid who has a little bit of a way to go at corner because of his inexperience. He's a guy who can actually move to safety just because he is so big, long and rangy. He does have good instincts, but I think that position will take some time for him to learn.

Kelvin Fisher, Jr.
5-11, 190, FR
He's is a very smart, talented kid. He has kind of gone back-and-forth from running back to corner, just because of how much of an athlete he is. He had a good spring for us. He is a kid that will do exactly what you tell him to do. He's very consistent and the thing he has to work on a little bit is his foot speed. He's a 4.5 kid and that's what you get from him. The thing he does so well is that he's so smart and he can put himself in better position.

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