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Arkansas tailback Knile Davis pronounces himself 100 percent healthy at SEC Media Days and tells of his plans to once again be the best back in the league.

HOOVER, Ala. - Arkansas tailback Knile Davis said that being hungry doesn't really cover what he feels in regards to getting back to the football field after missing all of the 2010 season.

"My hunger level is on starving," Davis said. "I haven't played in a long time."

Davis was the SEC's leading rusher in 2010 with 1,322 yards and 13 touchdowns with 1,028 yards and 12 TDs coming in the final seven games of that campaign.

He seemed poised to have an even bigger year last season before the injury sidetracked him.

Davis believes he comes back to the field as the SEC's best back.

"I do feel like I am the best running back in the SEC," Davis said. "That's not being conceited or anything or being arrogant. I think it you ask any other running back in the SEC, they will say the same thing.

"I say that because of the work I put into it and I don't think you can ask for a better back," Davis said. "I think I have everything that you need in a running back and that's why."

"I want to have a better season in 2010 and build on that," Davis said. "Other than that, I just want to win games because at the end of the day, that is what it comes down to."

Davis, who wanted to play at the end of last season, says he is full-speed now.

"I am 100 percent and I am ready to go right now," Davis said. "It was very tough to sit out, but I think the team did very good and we are just looking to build on it this year."

Davis said that there are no plans to restrict him from contact and that Arkansas head coach John L. Smith is on board with that.

"I'm live," Davis said. "I talked to John L. and we had a conversation. He told me he was going to throw me in there the whole camp to be back in there. I am ready."

Davis said he was happy that Smith was selected to fill in for the ousted Bobby Petrino.

"We all was excited that the picked John L. to come back and be our head coach and we are all behind him," Davis said.

Petrino did call Davis and some other Razorback players.

"I talked to him on the phone," Davis said. "He called me probably – I want to say a week ago. It was just saying that he was sorry for what happened and he expects me to have a big season."

Davis said he heard a changed man when he talked to Petrino.

"I could hear the humbleness and the hurt in his voice," Davis said. "I told him ‘Coach, don't be too hard on yourself. You will come back from this.' He just told me that he loved me and that was about it. I think he called a few other teammates."

Davis said it was some closure for him regarding the situation surrounding Petrino.

"I am glad that he did call me just with respect," Davis said. "It was cool and now I am ready to go."

Davis is happy that Arkansas has a twitter campaign called TD2012 to highlight its star players.

But he also noted that that winning will bring about the most attention.

"I think it was a good idea," Davis said. "I think it is on twitter and that is the new thing. Everybody is on twitter. I thought it was a good idea and I just hope it doesn't become a distraction. We just need to stay focused and hungry and win games."

Knile Davis

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