Coach Comm Speaker System Unveiled

When it's time for the "Blitz" period, everyone at practice knows it. It's like the Voice of God sends out the message from the Coach Comm System.

The Arkansas football team utilized the Coach Comm speaker system and on-field computers for the first time in a practice Thursday. It's on a trailer system that can be hauled anywhere. The speaker system is wonderful. And there is a deep voice calling out the change in periods with detail labels for all to hear.

In talking with football operations man Mark Robinson, it's easy to tell he's in love with the applications in the system. The way the computer can break down the periods is better than the system that they had before that basically required everything to be in five-minute blocks. This can be programmed with great deal and instruction.

"This is the finest equipment available and it is a great help in the way we build a practice in the meeting room and know that it's going to make things operate in a smooth way when we take it to the field," Robinson said. "You can see that it works fantastic and it has proven to be a great benefit to our planning time because of the many facets of the computer system and how well the speakers carry across all parts of the field. We can set them up in many ways and they are going to be easy to hear for everyone on the fields."

The other aspect of the system involves the way away music can be piped into a practice and the way it will be utilized in clinics and camps. It already has specific crowd noise as taken off TV games from every one of the four Arkansas road trips. In other words, they have specific game day music and crowd noise for Texas A&M built in so they can play it at practice to simulate the loud situations the team will encounter.

They can also use it with head sets and microphones for coaches at clinics both for instruction as a drill takes place and for the individual clinic speakers. They can mike up coach in drills that could be 50 yards away and it would be like the clinic in the stands is inside the drill. There are many applications in this manner.

It is a nice system and players commented on it yesterday after practice. Knile Davis called it a "cool" speaker system that helps the players with practice as a constant reminder of what is coming and how it matches with their meeting preparations.

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