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Arkansas will host Hartnell (CA) Community College cornerback Carroll Washington (6-0, 175, 4.4) - a mid-term grad and former junior college teammate of current Razorback fullback Kiero Small - for an official visit that begins on Sunday.

Before Hartnell (CA) Community College cornerback Carroll Washington (6-0, 175, 4.4) starts practice with his team next week, he's got a little trip planned.

That trip could go along way toward mapping out his future.

Washington – a mid-term grad and former junior college teammate of current Razorback and fellow Baltimore native Kiero Small (5-10, 255) – will arrive Sunday night for an official visit at Arkansas.

"Keiro has told me how much he loves it at Arkansas, how great the program is, how much he loves the coaches and players how much fan support there is and how much he would love for me to come there," Washington said. "Then he told me, when I get there forget all he just said and make sure it is the right place for me just as he was for him."

Washington, who has 11 offers, has already taken one official trek to Texas Tech.

"It was a nice place with a nice atmosphere and a lot of nice people," Washington said. "Now I am ready to see what Arkansas is all about. I know they have had great success and I am now ready to get the full picture of what Arkansas is all about."

Washington had 27 tackles last season with four interceptions and six passes broken up.

That performance caught the attention of Arkansas defensive coordinator Paul Haynes and wide receiver coach Kris Cinkovich, who recruits the area for the Razorbacks.

"I think they both Coach Haynes and Coach Cink really like my knowledge of the game and how I react to the ball," Washington said. "I played both quarterback and wide receiver in high school and I think that really helps me on the defensive side of the ball. I can read what the quarterback is thinking and I know the routes the wide receivers are going to run."

Washington admits playing in the SEC is a big draw for him.

"One thing that is big about Arkansas is that it is in the SEC, which obviously in the best conference in the country," Washington said. "My goal is to get my education and play in the NFL and to do that, you have to get great coaching and play against the best. Playing in the SEC would be playing against the best."

In addition to Arkansas and Texas Tech, Washington also has offers from Oregon, Oregon State, BYU, Kansas, Mississippi State, Rutgers, San Diego State, San Jose State and Utah State.

"The only other one I am talking to right now about setting up an official is Kansas," Washington said. "We'll see how this visit to Arkansas goes and I'll think about what I want to do from that point."

Washington is excited about getting to see the Razorbacks practice while on his official visit.

"It's cool that I will be able to see how the coaches work with the players, how they practice and how they all interact with each other," Washington said.

He kept up with Arkansas last season because of Small, who is the starting fullback.

"I loved watching him play on that level and he was just knocking people out," Washington said. "I remember watching him down on the goal line one time and he nearly decapitated one guy with one of his blocks. He's just a big-time physical guy and he's living out his dream just as I hope to do mine."

Carroll Washington

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