Live Blog: Game 3 in Italy

A live blog covering Arkansas, who downed Lithuania's BC Atletas Kanaus 84-67 Tuesday night in the third of the Razorbacks' four exhibition games this week in Italy.

Going to try and put all the coverage in this tonight instead of putting on the message board. Should be easier for me and for your guys.

This the first time there has been wireless so I should be able to out up more details than the past two nights.

I'm doing the times as they are here:

o o o

7:20 p.m.

Once again, there is no air conditioning in the gym. Of course, Coach Anderson loves this and feels like it really toughens up his team.

It is for sure toughening me up.

There will apparently be one change in the starting line-up, but he has not told them of it yet.

o o o


Marshawn Powell not playing in this game, Coty Clarke takes his spot in starting line-up.

Ky Madden replaces Rickey Scott in starting five.

7:32 p.m.

Arkansas jumps out to a 5-4 lead - both teams with several turnovers so far.

Hunter 2, Wade 2, BJ 1

o o o

Arkansas 10, BCAK 8 - 4:48 left in first quarter

Mardracus with 5, Hunter 4, BJ 1

o o o

Arkansas 14 - BCAK 12 - 2:44 left in first quarter

Qualls tried to dunk over the 7-2 center. Didn't work. But bet he tries again.

Coach Anderson voicing his displeasure with his the refs early. They have no clue what he is saying.

Wade 5, Hunter 4, Scott 2, Wagner 2, Young 1

o o o

BCAK 21, Arkansas 15 - at end of first quarter.

3-pointers galore from the Lithuanian team, including one at first quarter buzzer.

Wade 5, Mickelson 4, Scott 2, Wagner 2, Young 1, Clarke 1

o o o Arkansas turning up defensive pressure in second quarter, seven straight points to take the lead 22-21

BJ, Hunter and Clarke all with buckets for the advantage.

Now up 26-23 on two straight Qualls' buckets inside over 7-footer

o o o

Qualls just manning up on that big guy. He's got 9 now, all over the top of the big guy - who he just dunked on.

Arkansas went on a 13-2 run to start the quarter and takes a 43-39 lead to halftime.

Qualls 9, Young 8, Wade 6, Mickelson 6, Scott 6, Clarke 3, Williams 3, Wagner 2

Clarke leading the way with six rebounds.

o o o

Second half has begun.

Arkansas 49-46 with 6:50 left in third quarter

o o o Arkansas 52-49 with 2:34 left in third quarter

Entertaining play with 7-2 guy brought ball down and 5-10 Dee Wagner got him for jump - ball to the Razorbacks Young 10, Qualls 9, Wade 9, Mickelson 8, Scott 6, Clarke 5, Williams 3, Wagner 2

o o o

Wade with two 3-pointers on fast break has Arkansas surging ahead 58-49 with 1:46 left in third quarter.

He's now got 15 points to lead the way.

o o o

8:38 p.m.

End of 3rd Q

Arkansas 63, BCAK 55

Jacorey Williams broke out of his shooting slump - had missed last 10 shots - to hit a 18-footer and then a 3-pointer.

Wade 15, Young 10, Qualls 9, Mickelson 8, Williams 8, Scott 6, Clarke 5, Wagner 2

o o o

Arkansas opens the fourth quarter by forcing five straight turnovers and is now up 69-55 with 8:31 left in the game.

Two of those were a 24-second clock and a 5-second call with the other three being straight steals.

Williams continuing his fine play late.

Wade 15, Qualls 11, Young 10, Williams 10, Mickelson 8, Scott 6, Clarke 5, Wagner 2, Bell 2

o o o

Arkansas leads 77-60 with 4:37 left

Wade 19, Young 12, Qualls 11, Williams 10, Mickelson 8, Clarke 7, Scott 6, Wagner 2, Bell 2

o o o

It's a runaway now.

Arkansas up 82-60 with 2:08 remaining in contest.

BCAK has fallen over and can't get up, Only 5 points this quarter so far.

Wade 19, Young 12, Qualls 11, Williams 10, Mickelson 8, Clarke 9, Scott 6, Wagner 5, Bell 2

o o o

FINAL: Arkansas 84, BCAK 67

Razorbacks' largest lead was 22 points at 82-60.

Wade 19, Young 12, Qualls 11, Clarke 11, Williams 10, Mickelson 8, Scott 6, Wagner 3, Bell 2

o o o

Arkansas was 30-of-70 from the field, 4-14 from 3-point range and 13-of-19 from the FT line.

Clarke had 10 rebounds to lead the way

Williams and Rickey Scott also had five rebounds each Wade 4 steals

Miickelson 4 blocks

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