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Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino and Razorback quarterback Tyler Wilson talk about how success the past two seasons has brought plenty of NFL scouts and national television cameras to preseason camp.

During this preseason camp at Arkansas there have been multiple NFL scouts and a myriad of cameras - such as CBS national ones - following the Razorbacks' daily activities.

Such is business when you are one of the nation's elite programs – one that finished fifth nationally last season and has gone 21-5 the past two seasons.

There were some 25 scouts at practice during one workout in August.

"I think it just shows where the program is at and the level of players," Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino said. "It's all those same players that everybody gave you a hard time about because they weren't five-star recruits. They are all good players and it's a credit to all the coaches that have been here and all the assistants that have been here in developing.

"I think a lot of getting your program to where it needs to be is developing the young players into great period," Petrino added. "I think everybody has done a real good job of that around here."

The CBS cameras have been at Arkansas this preseason because the Razorbacks are being featured on College Football Confidential: Arkansas.

That exclusive all-access look at the Razorbacks will feature the Razorbacks in seven episodes, beginning this Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson, who has had cameras in his home as early as 5 a.m., likes what he has seen of the show.

Trailers are available at http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/video/college-football-confidential?DB_OEM_ID=6100

"You see some of the leaking stuff that they have kind of come out with – the teasers as they say – and I think it looks really good and will be beneficial for our university and our football team. I'm excited about it."

"You get to kind of acclimate yourself to the cameras, not that you try, but the team does," Wilson said. "It doesn't feel weird all the time and people can act like themselves and not be gun shy or change the way they appear."

Wilson admits that having the scouts and the cameras around only make you want to be at your best.

"You go out and try to play like you always play and maybe even a little better," Wilson said. "I know when you are throwing routes, you try to hit everybody in the middle of the facemask and do the right things. That is what it is about and obviously just conducting yourself like you have always conducted yourself. You try to sell yourself a little bit."

Petrino said his team has gotten very use to the cameras, who were around last season when ESPN had its own all-access look at the Razorbacks.

"I think you really noticed them a lot early and then after awhile it just got to where you just really didn't notice them," Petrino said. "That is when practice was open and all you guys were around. "They have been in a lot of meetings and been around," Petrino added. "But they have kind of gone with different people each day. So you might have them in your meeting room one day and then you didn't until three days later."

All in all, Petrino says the publicity is a positive.

"It is great for recruiting," Petrino said. "The more exposure you can get for the recruiting the better."

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