Cameron Bryan: No Hits Yet

Cameron Bryan knew his clock was about to run out, so he begged for a chance to play.

Cameron Bryan figured he wasn't going to beat out Zach Hocker as the Arkansas kicker in his senior season. So he begged for a shot at another position.

When Bryan began to out run many of those on the Arkansas kick coverage teams, John L. Smith said it was time for that chance.

Bryan has tested as one of the fastest Razorbacks. He isn't sure what he can run, but teammates say he's fast enough to play.

"You look at our test board, he's in our top five as far as speed and agility," quarterback Tyler Wilson said. "He's a tremendous athlete."

Wilson said that after practice Tuesday as a large group of media crowded around Bryan, the senior from Oklahoma City Bishop McGuiness High School. Wilson chuckled because it's usually the type crowd that he garners at media opportunities.

"Look at that," Wilson said. "Good for him."

Bryan isn't sure what all the fuss is about -- yet. He hasn't tackled anyone except a couple of years ago when one of his kickoffs was returned.

"In this game, all I did was run down the field," Bryan said. "No one touched me or tried to block me. All of those kickoffs were about out of the end zone."

Either way, Bryan said the experience was out of this world. It beats his time as the kickoff specialist in 2009.

"Incredible," he said. "Incredible. It was like I was the only one out there. I just tried to weave my way down the field. I don't hear a thing when I'm running down the field. It all goes quiet."

Bryan said his goal all along was to win the kickoff job, but a broken foot ended that before last season.

"I had that happen in two-a-days in fall camp last year," he said. "I knew this year that I was out of redshirts and this was going to be it. So I asked if I could try out for a spot on the kickoff cover team. I approached the coaches last spring."

He's never done anything but kick in a game until the opener this year. He was the kicker on a two-time state title team in high school.

"I wanted to play something in high school, but my coach said he wasn't going to risk an injury," he said. "So I never played anything but kicker."

Football wasn't in the plans until high school. He was a soccer player that made an easy transition to kicker.

The word among teammates is that he runs in the low 4.4s in the 40-yard dash and might dip into the 4.3s.

"I don't know about that," he said. "I just know I've made steady improvement on my speed here. I couldn't tell you how fast I can run."

So what will it be like to finally deliver a hit.

"I don't really know," he said. "I'll tell you this, I don't think I'll be trying for a knockout hit. I just want to get them down. I'm not trying to be on a highlight tape."

Cameron Bryan makes a tackle against Ole Miss.

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