Expecting Better

Arkansas head coach John L. Smith made it clear on Wednesday's SEC Teleconference that the staff and his players were not pleased with last week's effort and expect much better in Little Rock this weekend.

Just to be clear, Arkansas head coach John L. Smith was not happy with his team's performance in its 49-24 season opening win over Jacksonville State.

He expects much better when the Razorbacks play Louisiana-Monroe in Little Rock on Saturday.

"We are excited at this point to be 1-0 and have a win under our belt," Smith said. "It's been a good week of practice, it's been a hard week of practice.

"We were not exceptionally pleased with our effort, not from a player's standpoint or a coach's standpoint last week," Smith added, "so we have gone out and worked as hard as we can on getting better and correcting what problems we do have and to be a better football team than we were last week."

One particular area was in the secondary.

"I don't know that our secondary played anywhere near what we would have liked," Smith said. "We have to toughen some things up back there. We played loose at times when we should not have. Coach Haynes and Coach Allen have been working a lot this week to shore things up in the secondary.

"I think our kids believe that, they believed it right after the game so they have taken that to the field this week as have our coaches, expressed those things and tried to get better on those things," Smith said.

Arkansas will certainly face a better passing attack this week led by Warhawks quarterback Kolton Browning, who directs Todd Berry's offense.

"They do a great job of throwing the football," Smith said. "I really like what I see out of that quarterback. This is a kid that played against us a couple of years ago. He throws it around and that's what they do. That's what Todd has done for years and years, thrown the ball and spread the field and make you have to defend the pass."

Browning is one of the several players returning that played Arkansas in Little Rock two years ago.

It was a tight game at halftime before the Razorbacks sprinted away in the second half for a 31-7 win.

"As you look back, that was a tough game for us and all of their kids are for the most part, at least a lot of them, are coming back now and are veterans and played in that game," Smith said. "They played us a heck of a football game so I expect them to be ready to go and those guys are going to be looking forward to coming back and getting after us again.

"So we better be prepared to go down there and play our best," Smith added.

Smith admits he and the Razorbacks are excited about playing in Little Rock this weekend.

"We are excited about being 1-0 and we are excited about going to Little Rock," Smith said. "We have had a great tradition at Little Rock and a lot of success there – winning the last 10 games there – and the atmosphere is always great. The fans there are super. We enjoy it, we look forward to it…"

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