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Arkansas will visit with Dallas area prep basketball star Jordan Mickey (6-8, 218) on Wednesday and hope its home visit will go as well as his campus visit did this summer.

When Dallas area prep basketball star Jordan Mickey visited the Arkansas campus this summer, the Razorback staff really won him and his dad James Wright over.

Now the staff will head into their home Wednesday for what the Arkansas staff hopes will be a meeting that moves them closer to sealing the deal for one of the nation's top 40 prep prospects.

"I truly believe Coach Anderson is a great coach and will have Arkansas back among the elite very quickly," Wright said. "Jordan is excited about the possibility of being part of that. They run a first-class program and do the right things on and off the court. It's all very impressive."

Mickey (6-8, 218), a forward who is ranked as the 33rd-best prospect nationally by Scout.com, has a final five of Arkansas, LSU, SMU, Ohio State and Oklahoma State and plans to make a decision by the end of September.

He has already hosted in-home visits Ohio State and Oklahoma State and is hosting Arkansas and LSU as well.

"There's no reason to do one with SMU because we will be taking that visit there…," Wright said. "We are still talking about doing something with Arkansas for another visit if possible, but I just don't know if the time is going to allow us to do that. Arkansas knocked it out of the park on our visit there anyway and we got to see everything."

As far as an announcement, Wright says that is not scheduled as of yet.

"Once we have had home visits and taken these two trips and the decision-making process is through, we might do something with ESPN," Wright said. "We'll also consult to the school and get their input on things and proceed from there."

Wright was very pleased with what he heard from Anderson and his staff on the campus trip.

"We came up there with the idea of finding out how he would fit in with them not only next year, but in the long term and how he would develop," Wright said. "It could not have gone any better. They answered all of our questions and have a very clear idea and got that across to us in a fantastic manner."

He wants to have a decision made by the end of September so he can have that out of the way before he starts his senior season at Deion Sanders' new charter school Prime Prep Academy.

"At Arkansas we set down and took a look at film that showed exactly how they have used their forwards in the past - how they work both inside and out, how they are allowed to handle the ball and lead the break, basically how they are allowed to use their versatility in an motion offense and up-tempo game," Wright said. "They are allowed to put it on the floor and pop out and shoot it as well. They are not just tied to the paint."

"We also got to set in on some skill sessions and he got to spend some time with the players," Wright added. "That was very impressive. The players work hard, the coaches work and it is clear they focus a lot on development and making each player the best they possibly could be. It was very eye-opening and made us even more interested in him being a Razorback."

Mickey, who averaged 21 points as a junior while leading Arlington Grace Prep to a second straight TAPPS 4A state title, is currently a power forward that has small forward skills.

"Jordan is a four (power forward) right now that will develop into a three as he moves on to the next level," Wright said. "Coach Anderson plans to utilize him at both the three (small) and the four and that will definitely help him develop, especially of because the Razorbacks' style of play. There is a great opportunity for growth for him there at Arkansas. I think it is just a perfect fit for him."

Arkansas will certainly love to add him to a class that includes Little Rock Hall forward Bobby Portis (6-10, 225) – who committed to the Razorbacks over a year ago - and hopes to include center Moses Kingsley (6-10, 225), Portis' Arkansas Wings' AAU teammate.

Those two are taking their official visits to Arkansas this weekend.

Adding that trio would give the Razorbacks three top 50 players if they can pull off the coup.

Mickey took an official visit Sept. 7-9 to LSU – where his brother James Wright, Jr., is a football player – and has one scheduled for SMU this upcoming weekend.

"I think that is the only two official visits that we are going to have the time to do, but no one should read anything into that at all," the elder Wright said. "I was very upfront with the coaches about that because I give all my summer time to Jordan and then when football season comes, I give all my time to James. We are a very supportive family.

"That is why we went so many places this summer, to get all the research we needed, to find out just how Jordan would fit in with teams, how he would utilize by all those programs," Wright added. "It was extremely beneficial for him and we are not just going to sit down, go over everything and let him make the best decision for himself."

Some have speculated that Mickey might end up at LSU with his brother and also because current Tigers head coach Johnny Jones had a very good relationship with the family while head coach at North Texas.

"I know there are people out there who think he will go to LSU simply because my other son is there, but that is not how we operate with our family," Wright said. "We provide our sons with all the information that we can, take them to see as many campuses as we can, meet with as many coaches as possi

ble. And then we allow them to make their own decisions. "It is about what the best fit is for them, not for us," Wright said. "They would be very, very selfish on our part and that's just not the way we do things. Besides James is already a junior so they wouldn't be together there that much if it was LSU."

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